Review Diamond Ranch Academy

Diamond Ranch Academy is a behavior modification program located in Hurricane, Utah. Diamond Ranch Academy boasts that it is a “premiere” youth residential treatment center that provides “elite private boarding school opportunities” and claims to offer a long list of therapeutic services to address adolescent behavior issues. Their marketing materials refer to a lush ranch setting facility with access to sports, outdoor activities and premiere educational opportunities. DRA markets itself as a high-quality therapeutic boarding school.

Deceptive marketing techniques are nothing new to the troubled teen industry, often when explaining the aspects of the program they use commonly known words to describe their program in order bring credibility to methods. What is called “The program” of Diamond Ranch Academy is not a clinically approved or evidenced based method of rehabilitation, but an experimental form of behavior modification that utilizes the response to fear to ensure submission to the program’s doctrine? What is called “therapy” does not follow the guidelines of traditional psychotherapy but instead is confrontational, forceful and unproductive? “Academics” at DRA are not conducted in a formal class setting and offer a self-study program no more “premiere” than the average homeschool education plan.