Constitutional Rights of Citizens

The term of the Constitution comes from the ancient Greek word politeia. In English known as “constitution”, Dutch “contitue”, Latin “constitutio / contituere”, French “contiture”, German “verfassung”. The Constitution is the same as the Constitution and is the highest legal norm usually codified in the form of a written document even though in the form of its formulation is not always documented in written form but adhered to in the practice of state administration.

According to K.C.Wheare, the constitution is the whole state administration system of a country in the form of a set of rules that make up, regulate or govern in a state government. Jimlly Ashidiqie explains that the constitution is an understanding of a set of basic values and norms governing what and how a system of power is instituted and executed to achieve common goals in a state-shaped container.

The Constitution is very important for every nation and state, in the book Corpus Juris Scundum volume 16, the constitution is formulated as follows: “A constitution is the original law by which the system of goverment must be created and for all their power and authority. “The Constitution may also be interpreted as follows:” The Constitution can also be interpreted as follows: “A contest of a social contract joining the citizens of the state and defining the state itself”.

Aristotle distinguishes the constitution by its classi fi cation, the constitutional classification depends on (i) the end pursued by stastes, and (ii) the kind of authority exercised by their goverment. The highest goal of the state is a good life, and this is the common interest of all citizens. Aristotle distinguished between the right constitution and the wrong contitution. This means that if the constitution was created with the aim of realizing common interests then the constitution is true and if the constitution is oppressive then it is the wrong constitution.

Constitutionalism is a notion where the constitution is used as a guide in all activities of social life and statehood. Constitutionalism makes the constitution an axis of social, economic, political and environmental relations. Carl J. Friedrich in his book entitled “Constutional Goverment and Democracy: Theory and Practice in Europe and America (1967)” argues:

“The Constitution is the idea that the government is a collection of activities organized on behalf of the people but subject to some restrictions intended to provide assurance that the necessary powers for the government are not misused by those who are tasked with governing the restrictions imposed in the constitution.

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Lawyers May Overcharge for Your Pardon and Refer the Work

A lot of Canadians think that having legal counsel is important for the smooth processing of their Pardon. People with prior convictions will generally be overpaying lawyers with regards to the handling of the relevant application. Such a process of application is indeed rich with detail and honed in on the specifics, but does not actually need an attorney. The truth is that there are far cheaper and easier choices that will bring a Pardon to a person, allowing them to move on with their life.

The application process for what is now called a Record Suspension will indeed bring much to a person’s life if successful: an increased chance for employments, access to tertiary education institutes, and the ability to travel without a hinderance.

Such pressing concerns will indeed motivate a person to hire a lawyer to ensure that such processing goes on without any issues. Many lawyers will ironically hand down such work to a junior associate or the like, and will then credit the client the full premium fee as if they themselves spent their valuable time working on your request.

A Very Costly Service  

When reviewing the average cost of hiring a legal professional for such matters, you will find that they will bill you around $500 an hour, and that is just the minimum. You may also find that such attorneys will not even have specialized in the laws and regulations stipulated to Pardon application systems, and you will receive back slapdash work that has been inappropriately fulfilled by someone that briefly researched what is required from then.

Such shoddy work will then be returned to you by the official bureaus involved as incorrectly filled out, delaying the entire process significantly, not to mention the additional costs you will now have to pay for. Do not expect to be provided with a finalized price from attorneys – as such possible delays mean that an exact time frame cannot be predicted.

While some attorneys will only charge you for around four hours’ worth of work, many others will take around six or eight hours longer to fulfill your needs. You can easily expect a final bill of several thousand dollars.

A wiser decision which bypasses a load of wasted money and time is to trust in a service company which specializes (with accreditation) in the Pardon Application clearing process. Such a service will charge you a fixed fee – something generally around $1,200.

Source: National Pardon

Business for Housewife

Housewives can earn money every month without having to leave the house, by simply utilizing a part of the home page and room of his house to run a hobby or indeed serious work from home business.

Achieving success by running a home business for a housewife is not a dream or a delusion. Maybe you’ve heard or witnessed the success stories of housewives who already earn high enough work from home. It can happen with sincerity of heart and mental resilience in facing problems in pioneering his business. Not to mention also the support of the family and timely management is also very important.

Most home business in want by the entrepreneur is certainly a home business with no capital or minimal capital. But is there such a business?

Being a writer is one working from home with no or minimal capital. The more difficult a writing the greater the results obtained. As an example as follows:

  1. Novel Writer

You know JK Rowling, the author of a fictional novel titled “Harry Potter” that makes her richer than Queen Elisabeth, the queen of England. The launch of his latest novel is always eagerly awaited by readers. not only the exorbitant income, but also the fame he got.

  1. Article Writer

You often read newspapers, in the newspaper there is often an essay or article that discusses something. Did you know, the article was written by a common person and get paid not a bit for one article. The bigger the name of the newspaper, the greater the income earned.

In addition to article writers for newspapers, you can also become an article writer for bloggers or commonly called CW (Content Writer). The pay count for the profession is counted every word he writes.

There are many professional writers that you can try to just fill the spare time or even seriously make it a home business. If you are interested in becoming an author it might be a good idea to practice from now on. Begin by writing your own diary book. Start writing from the things you love and find your own style, you do not have to imitate a famous writer with his scholarly style, his or her religiously style, or his madness. You simply become yourself and with your own writing style. So that your writing into writing that has its own characteristics.

I think enough for this working from home article. Hopefully useful for you who read it.…

Get the Best Possible Legal Defense

Problems can arise unexpectedly. Sometimes accidents happen. You may get into a minor fender bender. You might be facing charges for a more serious crime. In that case, it is imperative to get the best possible defense. Under the system of law in the United States, you are entitled to great legal counsel. You are entitled to a lawyer who can help you navigate through any laws that may apply in your case and avoid penalties that do not apply to you. When facing a legal trial of any kind, you need legal from a skilled and experienced attorney who knows how to present a great defense. A great attorney can help you understand any and all possible legal options that may be at your side when something goes wrong.

From the Very First Hint of a Problem

Sometimes people are caught by surprise with a legal problem. They may not have seen the problem coming at all. A single mistake can have serious consequences. At other times, the person may have known that they might face possible legal charges. A legal issue like a narcotics charge may have dragged on for years before being seen by a judge. In all instances, anyone facing any kind of criminal problem needs to investigate all legal options that are open to them. From the very first hint of any legal trouble, it’s ideal to have an attorney on hand who can help them with any issue the day it happens to them.

On Your Side

A strong advocate is someone who knows all local and national laws that may apply to a given case. For example, your criminal defense attorney Santa Rosa should know about laws that pertain to your case in the state of California as well as any local laws that may also apply. They can also be on your side during all stages of the proceedings. In many cases, proceedings begin with a single legal document delivered to your door. In other instances, you might be arrested. You need someone who can help you do all kinds of important tasks from arranging for bail to making sure that your case is moving through the court system as quickly as possible. Good, effective legal help can make sure that you have the help you need and have it fast.

Letting You Move On

Any criminal case will have a start, a middle and an ending. You want your case to end happily. You want to move past any criminal charges you might be confronting and then figure out a way to regain your life. If you are facing serious charges, you want to minimize any possible consequences including the amount of time that you spend in jail or on probation. Even minor charges can have serious, long-term consequences. With the right legal help, it’s easier than ever before to find the legal help you need and walk into the next stage of your life at the same time.


3 Reasons to Work with a Per Diem Attorney Service

The life of an attorney is rife with client meetings, court appearances and long hours at the office. Needless to say, this can make managing one’s schedule incredibly difficult. Whether you operate an independent practice or a large firm, becoming bogged down in work is par for the course for those who practice law. Fortunately for attorneys who practice in the state of New York, there’s a way to ease your burden – per diem lawyers. These attorneys offer their services to other lawyers on an as-needed basis and can handle everything from routine court appearances to case research. If you’re on the fence about working with a per diem service, take care to consider the following advantages.

1. You’re Strapped for Time

It isn’t unusual for busy attorneys to take on more work than they reasonably have time for. Unsurprisingly, perpetually packed schedules often leave lawyers with insufficient time to devote to their individual cases. As anyone who practices law can confirm, mundane tasks like routine court appearances can eat up a sizable chunk of your time. Working a per diem lawyer NYC will enable you to leave such cumbersome chores in capable hands, thus freeing up time for more pressing matters.

2. You Need Help Around the Office

Routine court appearances aren’t the only thing per diem attorneys can assist with. These knowledgeable lawyers are also able to help out with filing, paper work and case research. Receiving assistance in these areas can be particularly fortuitous for attorneys who work alone and law firms that are understaffed. Delegating the aforementioned tasks to a skilled attorney ensures that you’ll be able to focus on client meetings and important court dates.

3. You’re Faced with an Emergency

For an attorney, few things are more frustrating than missing a court appearance because of car trouble, traffic tie-ups or family emergencies. Luckily, with the help of a reliable per diem service, you can make missed court dates a thing of the past. Working with a service that provides lawyers on short notice means unforeseen emergencies will no longer equal missed court appearances.

Practicing law can leave attorneys drained, both physically and emotionally. As such, many attorneys would do well to take all the help they can get. This is where per diem lawyers enter the picture. Whether you’re strapped for time, need assistance around the office or are faced with an emergency, a dependable per diem service is just what the doctor ordered.…

Common Examples of Negligence Cases

When you’re the Victim of Negligence

The sad fact is that if ever you’re the victim of negligence, you’re going to know it quickly and more than likely for a very long time. The victims of negligence are harmed both physically and emotionally, and in severe cases, the damages can last or even end a lifetime. Negligence can take place on the road, in a doctor’s office, or on someone’s private property. In the human world, there are endless ways in which one human being carelessly wrongs another. It’s the job of to see to it that people are aware of their rights in these cases.

Understanding Negligence

According to the legal system, negligence is the act of harming another person through willfully careless actions. When you think of negligence, think of instances where a driver got behind the wheel of a car drunk. While they might not have planned to hurt another human being, there are instances where that same person will take a human life or horrifically injury someone because of their carelessness. A DUI is also a crime. Other cases of negligence don’t enter criminal law, but are still likely to be seen in a civil case. Take for example a careless driver who isn’t paying attention to the road and as a result rams another car coming through an intersection. If injury is caused, this may be a case of negligence.

Examples of negligence can help clear up the definition. Medical malpractice cases consume a large portion of negligence cases. Another prime example of negligence is car accident cases where the driver was distracted, fatigued, or just plain not paying attention to other lives on the road.

The fact is that every citizen has a responsibility to behave in a way that is respectful of the physical well-being of others. When someone mops a floor at work and fails to put down a “wet floor” sign, and a customer slips and falls, then the person who mopped the floor failed to be respectful of the safety of others in that situation. It’s up to a lawyer to investigate the circumstances behind this common type of negligence case and determine the financial compensation that is due to the person who was injured.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys deal with negligence cases on a daily basis. It’s their job to sort through the facts, interview witnesses, calculate financial losses through lost wages and pain and suffering, and then go to court to fight for the rights of the person who was the victim of a negligent organization or individual. The attorneys who carry out this work are an important part of keeping our society a safe and comfortable place to be. When negligent parties aren’t held accountable for their actions, they often go on to repeat those actions. Personal injury attorneys step in and intervene on behalf of the victim and see to it that negligent people realize the damage they’ve caused.


Navigating the Aftermath of an Accident


Car accidents are always stressful. Even if there is minimal damage and minimal injury, the process of successfully navigating the financial, legal and bureaucratic aftermath of any accident can be more of a burden than the incident itself.

Most people are unprepared for the potential legal and financial peril of a car accident. They don’t realize the jeopardy they may face in the event of a dispute, or a murky legal situation, or a rejected insurance claim. These are problems best solved before they happen, which is why it is vitally important drivers prepare themselves far in advance.

Here are some things to consider in the aftermath of a car accident.

Remain Silent

Under absolutely no circumstances should you make a statement to police. Whether or not you believe you are at fault, are not at fault, or you insist someone else was the cause of the incident, you must reserve and exercise your right to remain silent. The truth is you don’t know all the details of the situation, especially in the minutes or even hours following the accident. There are myriad ways you might implicate yourself civilly or criminally by making statements against evidence you may or may not be aware exists.

The Fifth Amendment was ratified for a reason. Follow it and you will be well on your way to protecting yourself legally.

No Consent

Under no circumstances should you consent to any search of your person or property. Lock your car. Lock the trunk. Roll your windows up. If asked, decline consent. If pressed, remain silent. Absent your consent, the police need probable cause and a warrant to search your vehicle. Those are two very high bars to clear at a roadside accident scene.

The products of a search may implicate you in the same way an otherwise innocent statement might ensnare you in a legal matter you aren’t even aware of yet. If the police believe they will find evidence of a crime in your vehicle, let them convince a judge. Don’t allow invasions of your privacy otherwise.

Document Everything

Attorneys who operate sites like will tell you the ability to wave documents in the air in court will give you an important advantage over adversaries who are likely not as well prepared. It is for this reason you should take the little portable television station in your pocket out and start taking pictures of everything at the scene.

Photograph documents first. Start with driver’s licenses and insurance papers. Take pictures of every license plate at the scene, and every emergency worker and police ID. Then you can move on to the scene itself. Try to get photographs of the interiors of the other vehicles involved in the accident.

If there are injuries, render first aid and obtain medical attention as quickly as possible, then document the injuries with photographs. Get pictures of any surveillance cameras in the area. If there are any public facilities like bus stops, traffic lights, street lights, construction sites or similar, photograph them as well. Get pictures of the road and weather conditions.

This may seem like overdoing it, but if you can reconstruct the accident scene four months later when you’re standing in front of a judge or a jury, you will have a practically insurmountable rhetorical advantage over anyone with plans to dispute your version of events. Your attorney will be grateful

As always, you should obtain competent legal counsel before trying to navigate the legal situation surrounding your accident. A qualified attorney can be of considerable help.…