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The American people are saddled by debt. In fact, consumers in the United States hold more than $14 trillion in debt.

There are many different types of debt holding people back. Credit card and medical debt are two common forms. Younger Americans are often crushed by student loan debt.

Once you fall behind on the bills, the calls will start rolling in from debt collectors. They will stop at nothing to get a hold of you, even contacting friends and family members.

The good news is that you do not have to stand for debt collector harassment. Read on to learn what you can do about overly persistent debt collectors.

The Law Protects Consumers from Harassment

The United States government has taken action to protect consumers from harassment. Most notably, Congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Process Act (FDCPA).

For starters, the FDCPA prevents debt collectors from committing harassing or abusing behavior. This means they are not allowed to publish lists of consumers who owe a debt. It also outlaws repetitious phone calls intended to harass you.

The FDCPA also prohibits debt collectors from misrepresenting themselves. They have to identify themselves at the beginning of each phone call.

Debt collectors are also not allowed to make deceptive statements or levy threats. Therefore, the first thing you can do is know your rights. Explain to the debt collector that you will file a complaint to the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CPFB).

Keep Detailed Records

Once the debt collector starts calling, it is time for you to start maintaining a detailed logbook. First, record the date and time of each collection call.

For the next part, it is important you keep a level head and extract as much information as possible. Jot down the key details of the phone call.

For example, how much does the debt collector say that you owe? Also, write down the debt collector’s company name, employee ID, and contact information. If any threats or claims are levied, take care to write down the specifics of that exchange.

This information will come in handy if you file a complaint or lawsuit. An attorney is certain to use it in defense against collectors.

Debt Verification

A debt collector needs to provide you with verification of the debt. You certainly do not need to deal with a debt collector if they cannot do this.

Debt verification includes the provision of the creditor and the amount owed. During this phase, you retain the right to dispute the debt.

The timeframe for a dispute is typically 30 days. In response to a dispute, the collector needs to provide you with identifying information for the debt.

A Recap of Debt Collector Harassment

When your friends and family are hearing from debt collectors, things have gone too far. You do not have to put up with this type of harassment.

Know your rights under the FDCPA and fight back. If you enjoyed this article about debt collector harassment, check out our blog for other great legal content.


When it comes to medical malpractice, it is crucial to learn everything about them so that you can stay ahead and learn what to do.

If you wish to avoid being a medical malpractice victim, you should remember that each case is different and unique and have an approach that you have to be aware of.

It is vital to have an attorney that will represent you all the time. That is why before you meet with a doctor in a hospital, it is best to bring an advocate on your behalf.

In case that you’re sick, you should have an ally by your side, because some doctors are only looking their interests and when you’re in a bad state, you won’t be able to understand everything.

That is why you should check out with medical malpractice lawyer from NJ so that you can question your doctor with ease. Have in mind that when you are choosing an operation due to some diagnosis, you are putting your life in doctor’s hands.

You should ask the right questions before you make up your mind, and even though it makes you feel uncomfortable, it is vital to be as informed as possible.

Even if the diagnosis is conducted by an expert surgeon, sometimes you should double, and even triple check your diagnosis with other professionals as well.

In case that your diagnosis is severe enough so that your doctor recommends you powerful meds or surgery, you should see other medical opinions as well so that you can ensure the best result possible.

Should You Pursue Medical Malpractice Case?

Even though you’re probably thinking that pursuing any case is a hassle and time-consuming effort that you have to pull off, since medical malpractice is a toll on your life, you should do something about it.

The malpractice can happen from relinquishing control too expensive medical bills and other changes that are drastically affecting your overall state such as medical error.

That is why you should start a case, to question whether you received care you needed so that others could avoid the similar issue you had.

If you’re at the beginning of a medical malpractice case, you should have in mind that the value of the situation is not something that could be predetermined.

It requires a considerable commitment, time, and dedication especially because it may take between one and three years to complete everything fully.

So, during the times when you wish to ask yourself whether it is worthy or not to pursue this particular case, the answer depends on your specific state and situation that you passed as well as a willingness to participate in this time-consuming process.

You should visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-469WpsmY to learn more on how to get the best medical malpractice attorney for your particular needs.

You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Has medical malpractice caused emotional, physical or mental damage? – You should remember that physical damage tends to happen when the victim features actual injuries on the body as well as other signs such as disfigurement and scarring. At the same time, emotional distress occurs when the victim is traumatized, and the malpractice leads to loss of enjoyment, depression, anxiety, and shock. Finally, mental traumas can affect your mood and personality similarly to emotional distress. We are talking about symptoms such as loss of appetite, energy, anger, and crying.
  • Are Injuries Affecting Your Ability To Enjoy Everyday Life? – We have mentioned above that medical malpractice injuries can lead to drastic changes in your life and everything that goes with it. Apart from physical injuries that could happen and that may lead to lifelong handicap, it can also affect your financial state. Since medical bills are expensive and damage that occurred changed your lifestyle, medical malpractice tends to put victims in debt which increases overall stress that you have to endure throughout that time. The main goal of finding a professional attorney is to maximize the value o your case and to take additional steps that will lead towards the success and full potential.
  • What Are Fees That You Have To Handle? – You have to pay for an attorney, which means that you should check out whether he/she is charging hourly or based on the commission fee. When it comes to medical malpractice, the prices are a contingency, which means that attorney will receive payment in case you get compensation on your behalf. Of course, you should consider other costs as well such as litigation costs, expert costs, preparation for trial and other things that may affect your pocket.


Uber is one of the most popular rideshare services in the world. And because of the popularity of ridesharing programs, it’s a good idea to inform yourself on what to do should you be in a car accident while using a rideshare service or if you are injured by the driver of a rideshare service. Who is liable? Is it the driver or Uber? You may not have thought about these things before, but if you have already been injured while in an Uber, you’re looking for the answers now.

Who is at Fault for the Crash?

The protocol will likely differ depending on where the fault lies and on the state where the accident occurred. Uber drivers tend to be a little more distracted than your typical driver. Oftentimes they are looking out for the person they are picking up. They have to look at their phones while they are driving for directions as well as to select their next pickup. These are just a couple distractions that are added to the more typical driving distractions like adjusting the radio and holding a conversation.

In the case that your Uber driver was the cause of the crash, you can sue Uber. According to Money, rideshare companies are required by law to have a $1 million liability policy that ensures you from the moment the driver accepts your ride request to the moment your driver marks your ride as completed.

If you are a driver or passenger injured by an Uber driver, and you are not an Uber passenger, Uber is not likely to play a significant role in your suit. Here is where the driver’s personal insurance will most likely be involved. This may become more complex if the Uber driver was not on-duty at the time of the accident or was en route to picking up a passenger. In the states of California and Washington, Uber insurance policies apply from the time the Uber driver logs into the system to the time the driver logs out of the system.

If the accident was the fault of another driver, you file your claim against the driver of the other vehicle. As long as the driver at fault is an insured driver, you will likely be able to get compensation for expenses and losses.

What You Should Do in the Event of an Accident

The most obvious first step is to call 9-1-1 if necessary. Even if there are no serious injuries visible, you still need to go to an emergency room or urgent care facility to rule out any delayed-onset injuries or internal trauma. In order to pursue legal compensation, you will need detailed and complete documentation from your medical care provider along with any x-rays or other radiographic images. You also want to consult an accident attorney to determine whether or not you need to seek damages and the best way to move forward.

Be sure to call the police so that there can be a report on file. Witness information can be obtained and recorded and they can clear the road or order a tow truck if necessary. When speaking to the officer on the scene make sure you only give the facts pertaining to the accident. This makes for a clearer and more concise police report that can be used in court.

Document the accident scene. This means to take photographs of the vehicles involved, the damage to the vehicles, any visible injuries, the roadway or intersection and anything else you think might be helpful. Talk to any witnesses or bystanders and get their contact information. If you are the Uber passenger, take a screenshot of your receipt and ride.

Having these three pieces of the puzzle in place can make seeking legal compensation for injuries or trauma resulting from an accident with an Uber driver. Try to stay calm and think rationally. If you require immediate medical attention, some of this will be handled by the local authorities, but you should still take as many mental notes as you are able to.

What Can I Recover By Filing a Suit?

When you file a personal injury suit resulting from a motor vehicle accident, there are certain monies that you can recoup. This includes:

  • Loss of wages.
  • Medical expenses, past and present.
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of future income.
  • Physical impairment.

Keep in mind that suing the company for the negligence of one of its independent contractors isn’t as cut and dry as filing a suit against the independent contractor. But that does not mean it’s a pointless pursuit. Once your legal representation contacts Uber and requests that it make available and preserve any and all information regarding your incident, many state laws will hold them responsible for their failure to do …


When you realize that you can no longer pay the bills that you have and the debt that you have outweighs your income, you might want to consider filing for bankruptcy. You can usually file on your own, but it’s often better to find a bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh who understands the various chapters and who can fight for you to keep your home and vehicles throughout the bankruptcy process. When the proper documents have been filed, then you will usually make a payment each month to the attorney who will then make a payment to those who need the funds. Many agencies will write off your debts if you file for bankruptcy, which means that you won’t need to pay the bills in the future.

After filing for bankruptcy, you need to keep in mind that you usually won’t be able to buy a car or a home or apply for a loan for about seven years. Your attorney will discuss these restrictions before you make a final decision about whether you want to file for bankruptcy or whether you want to try to work with creditors to come up with a solution to pay the bills that you have.

The attorney you work with should be competent in this area of the law. You will talk about the facts pertaining to your case and how you should proceed in filing for bankruptcy, such as whether you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depending on how much money you owe and who is asking for money. The advice that you receive should be based on legal expertise instead of only on opinions. Once you settle on the type of bankruptcy that you want to file for, your attorney will prepare all of the paperwork and file it with the court.…


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has several guidelines addressing areas that potential clients should discuss before hiring a lawyer. These recommendations include retaining a lawyer that specializes in the area of law where assistance is required. State and local bar associations can be a great place to start. However, those hiring an attorney should research and ask about relevant experience and similar cases. Furthermore, the FTC highly recommends that those retaining the assistance of an attorney obtain clarity regarding fees and what those fees cover. It is best that this information is in writing in a clear and direct manner. However, when hiring an attorney that is out-of-state, these matters may be difficult. Therefore, there are certain steps that clients can take to facilitate the process.

Do you need an out-of-state attorney?

Although the constitution is the law of the land and governs the country, the United States is a dual federalism. Therefore, each state has a set of laws and these may differ from other places. When a legal matter occurs outside of your state, it may be necessary to hire a person who is in that area and is proficient on the local laws to represent you. Even transactions that take place outside of your home state may require an external attorney. For example, an out-of-state claimant or a person purchasing or selling a property in a different state may need representation in that area. Other individuals that are being sued by residents of a different state may also need to consider such a need. Therefore, hiring a lawyer that has the license to practice law in that section of the country will provide the necessary level of representation in those cases.

Check for qualification and hiring process

The process of hiring an attorney that lives elsewhere in the country is like hiring one near you. The difference is that they will need to hold a license or bar card in said location and have a law degree or Juris Doctor. Every other guideline, however, will be similar. Even if you are looking for an attorney that is close to you, communication is key. Therefore, you will want to hire someone who takes an active interest in your case and invests the necessary time to explain all pertinent information and answers questions in the detail that you require. The critical aspect is to find one that fits your needs and your personality.

Some people are more involved than others, so understand your requirements and look for those who have an approach that aligns with your character and methods. Make sure to ask for recommendations and read reviews. Consider talking to more than one attorney before deciding.  Also, make sure that the lawyer and firm specialize in your area of need. For example, a motorcycle accident attorney in Pennsylvania will not necessarily be the best choice to handle a divorce case in a different state. Focus on searching and reading recommendations for the area of law that covers your specific case.

Each case may differ, and some may warrant the need for special accommodations. Therefore, it is best to use these special conditions to filter out and look for firms that can provide the services or partner with companies that cater to special needs. For example, some clients may expect language and translation services. Others may require handling out of state testimony. In some pending litigation, law firms may use stenographers to record witness dispositions. So, if the occurrence took place in South Florida and the situation warrants such a service, ask potential law firms if they work with court reporting companies in Miami or the general area.  Ultimately, make sure that whoever you hire has the knowledge and capability of serving your legal needs.…


It is always difficult dealing with child sex abuse and it can be even harder thinking that your child may have been a victim of child sex abuse. If you think your child has been sexually abused, you need to address the situation carefully and even speak with an attorney at a top Philadelphia sex abuse law firm to learn your options.


First, always show your support to your child. You want your child to be comfortable talking to you and you want them to always be honest and upfront. Ensure them that they will be okay and that there is treatment and support to help get them through this difficult time. You can’t always protect your children, but you want them to know that you are there for them, trying your hardest to protect them. Being understanding will help them get on the road to recovery and back to leading a happy life. Breaking the silence is always the first step.

Believe them!

After your child has told you about the sexual abuse, the next thing is to believe them. Thank them for coming forward and being honest. Acknowledge that you know this is a difficult thing to do and ensure that you love them and believe them. You want your child to feel like you are a safe person to speak with. Stay calm and ask questions carefully to learn more.

Make them feel safe

It is important to help your child understand what happened to them and that is was wrong, but not their fault. You also want them to feel safe again. Start by paying attention to how they are acting and feeling. Help build up their confidence again by still protecting their privacy.  Also, don’t ever let them feel embarrassed for what happened to them. They must know that they can’t blame themselves.

Get help

There are many support groups available and therapy options to help victims recover from sexual abuse. You might want to even take things a step further and get justice for your child. If your child has been sexually abused and you know who is responsible, you can come forward with a claim. The experienced team at Edelstein Law will provide advice and legal representation if needed.


Injuries occur everyday, whether they are accidental or the result of someone’s actions. When you are injured and faced with medical bills that you cannot pay, loss of work, and pain and suffering, you should seek help. An attorney that is experienced in dealing with personal injuries can advise you as to what steps you need to take.

Assessing Your Situation

When you have been injured, you will have a lot of questions. Who is going to pay for my medical bills? What am I going to do if I am unable to work? How am I supposed to handle this situation? These are just a few of the questions that will be going through your mind.

On top of dealing with the injuries you have suffered, you will be experiencing stress over the situation. An experienced lawyer can look at the circumstances of your accident and the resulting injuries and tell you the best way to proceed. One example of a firm offering a personal injury lawyer boston ma is Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC.

Looking at Your Case Objectively

While it is likely that you are frustrated, upset, facing uncertainty, and in pain, you cannot look at the situation objectively. An attorney can not only assess your case but he or she can be objective when it comes to helping you make decisions. Insurance companies generally try to get someone to settle for a small amount quickly if they believe their client is at fault for your injuries.

However, making an impulsive decision can result in you getting far less compensation than you are owed. A lawyer can talk with insurance companies and their lawyers, so you do not even have to deal with them. He or she can negotiate and take care of all the aspects of your case, leaving you to recuperate from your injuries.

Handling personal injury cases on your own is not a good idea. A lawyer has the experience and expertise needed, and they understand the legal system.…