Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

Although you are not required to hire an attorney to apply for US citizenship, it can be a complicated process and a lawyer can help it go more smoothly. Especially if you have had any problems or encounters with the law during your time in the United States, you will benefit from the services of a citizenship lawyer houston tx.

Trouble with the Law

One reason you would definitely want to hire an attorney to help with the naturalization process would be if you have ever been arrested or had legal troubles. These are red flags for immigration officials, but an attorney can argue your case and often convince a judge. Owing back taxes or filing late are common reasons why some people are denied citizenship and a lawyer with experience in the immigration process can help you get around this.

Mountains of Paperwork

Naturalization involves a lot of paperwork and most people find it simply too daunting to tackle on their own. A citizenship lawyer can help you get the documentation you need and stay on track with all of your filings. Unless you are an extremely organized person who has never misplaced a receipt, you will probably want an attorney’s help with this process.

Confusing Forms

Not only are there many forms but they can be very confusing as well. An immigration attorney can help you answer the questions in the right way to make your application go through instead of getting bogged down. The main application form, the N-400, is in itself twenty pages long, and that is only one form. It can seem expensive to hire a lawyer but the cost is worth it in peace of mind.

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Becoming a naturalized US citizen can be confusing and take a long time, so many people decide to hire an attorney to help. Let a citizenship lawyer help you tackle this important and life-changing process.

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