Fighting Against Sexual Discrimination and Harassment at Work

Your job should not cause you more stress than necessary. Your duties may give you enough of a burden, but the weight should not include the behavior of others towards you or someone else.

Sexual discrimination and harassment around the office was once a taboo subject. Now, with more revelations of inappropriate behavior coming to light, more is being done to stop it from happening. Understanding the signs of this behavior may help you realize when it happens to you or someone else around you. An employment law attorney orlando fl can also help shed some light on the movement to end discrimination and harassment at work.

Comments Can Hurt

The old childhood saying of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” was misleading. Some words can cut to the bone, damaging self-esteem and professional standing at the job. Sexist remarks and jokes, aimed to tear down a gender, may start to give the victim anxiety. If you find that comments are becoming louder or more frequently, they may rise to the level of discrimination.

Unwanted Physical Affection

Some people are self-professed huggers, while others do not like to be touched. If you feel like someone is going out of their way to touch others physically, you may want to report them. In some cases, it may be a superior who is making contact. When a supervisor is involved, you may wish to consult with your workplace human resources department and take actionable steps to shut them down.

Social Pressure

Dating among coworkers is not new, and while some places ban it, others do not. Regardless of your workplace policy, if you feel like someone is making advances to you that are escalating, you need to report them immediately. Some instances of assault start in this fashion, but then escalate to a criminal act.

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An employment law lawyer may be available to aid you in a discrimination case. Check one out in your area today.

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