Five Questions to Ask Yourself if You Slip and Fall

You’ve probably seen commercials or heard random talk about slip-and-fall accidents and how victims can receive compensation for such incidents. However, it’s important to understand that only certain circumstances will make an individual eligible to receive such compensation. The following are five questions to ask yourself if you slip and fall and you feel that you might be eligible to collect funds:

Who Was Responsible for My Safety?

The first question to ask yourself is who was responsible for your safety in the location where you got hurt. The responsibility may vary according to where you were when the incident happened and whether that entity had any disclaimers displayed. A business, church establishment, or restaurant might be responsible for your safety if you obtained their services when you fell. A friend or loved one may also be responsible for your safety if you were at his or her home for an important event.

Where Did I Slip and What Did I Slip On?

Now you need to think about how the incident occurred and answer some questions about where you slipped and what you slipped on. Many people become involved in slip-and-fall cases when they hurt themselves inside of businesses after someone mops the floor. The same thing happens in restaurants and other business establishments when someone fails to clean a spill or mess on the floor. People get hurt and want to receive compensation while they heal from their injuries.

Was My Footwear Appropriate?

Another question you need to inquire of yourself is whether your footwear may have had something to do with the occurrence. You may not be eligible for personal injury compensation, even with the help of an experienced slip and fall injury attorney, if your footwear is the main reason for the injury. For example, you may have worn slippery shoes inside of a business establishment that had laminate flooring. That’s most likely not a case that you will have a strong position in. Thus, you need to think about it before you contact an attorney. Don’t allow it to prevent you from reaching out for guidance, however. Your attorney may still discover that you have certain rights.

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Was I Distracted?

Distractions are another cause of slip-and-fall incidents. In this situation, the victim slips and falls because he or she missed a dangerous situation or an obstacle on the ground. In some cases, victims slip because they are on their mobile phones texting or engaging in social media communications. They then slip or trip over something that could have been avoided if their attention was in the right place. An attorney will have difficulty winning a case for you if the video cameras show that you were high distracted. That’s not a reason to give up your case, however. You should still go to the initial consultation and tell your story. There may be a loophole.

Were There Any Warnings?

Finally, think about whether there were any warning signs that could have helped you to avoid the slip, trip, or fall. A “wet floor” sign is an example of a warning. A sign that prepares all visitors for the possibility of falling is another example. You may be a little less likely to win your case if any of those items existed where your accident occurred. However, you won’t know until you speak to an experienced attorney about what happened. You may get a completely different outlook on your case from that attorney.

Go through the above-mentioned questions and answer them honestly. You’ll know whether you can receive compensation for your slip-and-fall injury. You can find out more by making an appointment with a well-established lawyer who has experience with slip-and-fall incidents.

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