Four Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is one you don’t make lightly. It’s a decision you make when you realize your loved one can no longer care for him or herself, and you are unable to provide your loved one with the adequate care they need every day. One of the most important things you look for in a nursing home is a safe and secure facility. You want to trust your loved one is being cared for properly, but it’s not always the case. Nursing home abuse happens every day, and these are some of the most common forms of nursing home abuse.


Neglect is a form of nursing home abuse that involves staff not caring for patients correctly. Some of the most common signs of neglect in a nursing home include lack of basic hygiene, unclean rooms, and sudden weight loss and malnutrition symptoms. Your loved one might not be receiving new medical equipment such as glasses or medication, and they might appear sicker than usual.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when staff at the nursing home mistreat your loved ones with their words. This kind of abuse involves everything from name-calling to belittling patients, and it can cause emotional distress. Your loved one might appear scared, unhappy, or withdrawn if this is happening in their nursing home.

Financial Abuse

If your loved one is spending a lot more money than they should when they are in a nursing home, it’s a cause for alarm. Nursing home staff with access to personal financial information sometimes take the information to use the money of their patients. They open their own accounts, make transfers, and even use the credit cards and debits cards of their patients. They hope there is no one close enough to the patient to notice the missing money, and it’s devastating to patients and their finances.

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Physical Abuse

If your loved one has unexplained bruises and/or a sudden increase in the number of injuries from which they suffer, it might be a sign of physical abuse. Staff might hit, kick, pinch, or otherwise abuse their patients out of frustration or anger. There is no good reason to abuse anyone in a nursing home, but sometimes the staff does. Not all injuries are from abuse, but your loved one might appear scared, nervous, or upset regularly if abuse is the problem they are living with. If you notice any kind of abuse like this, it’s time for you to make a call to a nursing home abuse attorney Glendale AZ attorney.

Nursing home abuse is a problem, and it’s a problem for more than just a patient. If you suspect someone you love is being abused, file a report with the police. If your loved one is suffering at the hands of an abusive staff member, there is a good chance someone else’s loved one is also suffering from the same type of abuse. You can help end this cycle.

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