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Murder Being solved by Amazon

In Arkansas, the year 2015 November 22nd, Collins Victor who fathered five kids was found dead in a boiling tub. Despite the fact that there was no sturdy evidence found, the man who owns the asset where the body was seen got arrested. Hoping to find some solutions, the police went on to look for evidence from the Amazon Echo.

However, that does not imply that the police turned to the device and asked whether Alexa was in a position to solve that particular murder. The machine is believed to have gathered what the police were desperately looking forward to seeing and hearing. The Amazon has been hiding the recordings of the scene of murder, although it was plugged in ,and proved that it was listening to all that had happened. The police did not stop to emphasize for the data to be revealed throughout the year from March.

The Amazon has been fighting the law enforcement affidavit that was sent out aiming at retrieving the data that they believed may offer important evidence to settle the crime scene. Perception of data and business was what could only have assisted in understanding their resistance. clearly, the Echo was not formed to be collecting data about the actions and talks of people just for the Amazon to make use of it as an accusation to the clients. The trust between the customers and the Amazon could only get destroyed by that instead. In that situation, the firm already surrendered and allowed the government to reach to the data.

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Once again, there was a similar case that happened, and the world of tech was held in the grip. In December 2015, there was a gun shooting in San Bernardino. Since the FBI wanted the way to reach some data from one of the shooter’s iPhone, they sent an order from the court which was demanding Apple to obey and give out the information. Apple kept in mind that something was not right about revealing their client’s confidential information and disapproved to the order. It is crystal clear that Apple keeps the data of clients from public and the police as well. A third party meddled and unlocked the telephone which led to ending of the case. After the two scenarios, there has been answers needed for the responsibilities of the tech companies to its clients and the nature of the information privacy. Also, some people see how meaningful it is for such information to be disclosed so as to put the responsible criminals behind bars.

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