The Purpose of Social Security Lawyers

A lawyer who specializes in Social Security has the right amount of experience when it comes to dealing with the SSA or the Social Security Administration. The lawyer should have the ability and proper skill when it comes to handling certain issues that could possibly arise throughout the process. Selecting the right Social Security attorney is very important for a client since the lawyer has the power and strength to interact and communicate with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. The two primary types of social security lawyer Kingsport TN and their programs in which an individual can apply for are:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income

The social security disability insurance are also called as an earned benefit because if a parent or a spouse becomes disabled, there might be certain advantages that are available and will be based on the complete hours that was previously worked, as well as the amount or number of earnings that has been paid into Social Security taxes. On the other hand, supplemental security income will not be based on the number of years previously worked, but are based on financial needs. In order to become eligible for the SSI, the individual should have a disability, blindness, or those who were born before 1953 and has little to no resources or source of income. Furthermore, dependent children and spouses are not eligible in receiving any provisions if the individual is not under this kind of program.

Benefits of a Social Security Lawyer

Lawyers have the power to solve any problem, and social security law firms and attorneys across the world manage and assist cases widely and differently, while there is something similar among firms and how lawyers manage cases and develop in preparation for a social security hearing. Whenever a person who is need of help contacts a lawyer for representation, either the staff member or attorney of the firm will be the one to personally conduct the initial interview in order to gather the primary and informative facts regarding the case. The following facts that will be used will help the lawyer or attorney with the case and these kinds of interviews are normally done by meeting the attorney face to face or through a phone call. Additionally, the attorney will review all medical records in order to determine if the client needs further testing, the attorney will communicate with the SSA and schedule a CE or a consultative examination with one of the doctors at the SSA or other licensed professional doctors if possible and needed.

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The lawyer who will be able to assist you in appealing for the decision of the Social Security Administration will complete the initial review of the specific case, make sure that all the details and information needed for the application is complete, collect and classify all kinds of medical evidence that is required, file all essential appeals, keep in touch with the Social Security Administration, and by simply representing their clients in all hearings.

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