The Various Duties of a Shipping Lawyer

The complexities when it comes to the legal aspect of shipping in Singapore can be overwhelming. That’s why a shipping lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law is invaluable for any individual or business that is involved in the shipping industry. While the role of a shipping or maritime lawyer can be quite extensive, there are a few issues that these attorneys can and often do handle on a regular basis.

Contractual agreements between ship owners and cargo owners can be difficult to hammer out. With the risk of loss, especially as it pertains to the cargo owner and the high cost of cargo insurance, agreements can be hard fought and someone precarious. Whether it’s coming to an agreement between the two parties or it’s handling any disputes after the fact, a shipping lawyer can be instrumental.

These attorneys can help these two parties come to an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. More importantly, it can be an agreement that can weather any unfortunate circumstances where the ship or the cargo is lost.

Ship owners or cargo companies may want to expand their operations, but, in order to do this, a significant amount of capital may be required. If the capital for this sort of expansion isn’t readily available, a shipping lawyer can work with their clients to secure the financing needed for the expansion. In addition, not only can a lawyer help with securing capital, they can help a business to do so without any undue financial stress to the business.

Often times, the terms for such financing can hamstring a business and make it impossible for the expanded business to be profitable. However, with a shipping lawyer working on their client’s behalf, the terms of this financing can be helpful to the businesses future success rather than a hindrance.

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The simple fact is that this barely scratches the surface of all the things a shipping lawyer can do. However, regardless of whether your business is a major player in the Singapore shipping market, or your company is only minimally involved in shipping, a maritime or shipping lawyer may offer services your business may have need of. To protect your business and allow your shipping related business to operate smoothly, the services of a shipping lawyer will be imperative.