What to Do if You Think Your Child has Been Sexually Abused

It is always difficult dealing with child sex abuse and it can be even harder thinking that your child may have been a victim of child sex abuse. If you think your child has been sexually abused, you need to address the situation carefully and even speak with an attorney at a top Philadelphia sex abuse law firm to learn your options.


First, always show your support to your child. You want your child to be comfortable talking to you and you want them to always be honest and upfront. Ensure them that they will be okay and that there is treatment and support to help get them through this difficult time. You can’t always protect your children, but you want them to know that you are there for them, trying your hardest to protect them. Being understanding will help them get on the road to recovery and back to leading a happy life. Breaking the silence is always the first step.

Believe them!

After your child has told you about the sexual abuse, the next thing is to believe them. Thank them for coming forward and being honest. Acknowledge that you know this is a difficult thing to do and ensure that you love them and believe them. You want your child to feel like you are a safe person to speak with. Stay calm and ask questions carefully to learn more.

Make them feel safe

It is important to help your child understand what happened to them and that is was wrong, but not their fault. You also want them to feel safe again. Start by paying attention to how they are acting and feeling. Help build up their confidence again by still protecting their privacy.  Also, don’t ever let them feel embarrassed for what happened to them. They must know that they can’t blame themselves.

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Get help

There are many support groups available and therapy options to help victims recover from sexual abuse. You might want to even take things a step further and get justice for your child. If your child has been sexually abused and you know who is responsible, you can come forward with a claim. The experienced team at Edelstein Law will provide advice and legal representation if needed.