Why Outdated Forms Can Result in Rejected Filings

It used to be that hundreds of paper forms were stored in the drawers of legal practices across the country. Any and all forms were kept in offices and filing cabinets, even the ones that were rarely used. Everyone used these forms and relied on them being available, accurate, and up-to-date.

On a monthly basis, clerks would visit the courthouse to make sure the law office had the latest and greatest, then compare those with what was already on file and make updates if necessary. As you can imagine, this process took days and weeks to complete, especially given that other tasks took precedence. By the time the new forms were updated, it was time to go back and get the newest samples from the court.

Outdated Court & Legal Forms

The forms being used could have been updated or revised at any moment without your knowledge. As a result, your firm’s services could be rendered ineffective. It could also result in harm to your client. There are instances where a form lacking the appropriate wording can lead to severe penalties.

While you want to avoid penalties as much as possible, you also want to avoid having your filing completely rejected. Not only are you causing your client the headache of starting over, but you’re also costing your practice money. You are now forced to find the right form, fill it out correctly, and refile it. And it’s not very likely the client will pay for it.

Court Websites

But surely the forms available on the court websites are up to date, right? These are the “official” forms given to the general public by government workers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There have been many instances of legal professionals downloading an outdated form from the court’s site and having it come back to bite them later.

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Don’t assume that just because you found it on a government website, it contains accurate and up-to-date information. This is especially true with budgets hurting and staffs being reduced to the bone. The court forms you need are only updated when time allows.

Now What?

You can’t trust the courts to maintain the integrity of the court forms you need, and maintaining the forms is expensive and labor intensive. So now what do you do? Fortunately, there are a few vendors in the United States that can provide the California court forms you and your law firm need.

Forms Workflow is one such vendor. With Forms Workflow, you can find any state, legal, or court form you need in a matter of seconds. Using a reputable vendor saves you the hassle of filing the forms yourself, and reduces the risk of running into problems in the future. It creates efficiency and saves money by allowing someone else to manage the process.

Allowing a firm like Forms Workflow to handle your forms needs allows you to do more with less. You can save forms automatically, autofill documents, and modify forms as needed. So turn to Forms Workflow and let them handle your legal and court forms needs.

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