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Finding a criminal defense lawyer when a loved one has been arrested can be a stressful and hectic time. Some people do not know where to turn or who to go to, worried constantly about their loved one and their case. This means they are open to making mistakes and choosing the wrong lawyers for the job. This can end very badly, and the ramifications can be horrific. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is absolutely vital for the case at hand and must be done wisely. There are many things to look for when beginning the hiring process that will mean you cannot go wrong when you finally make your decision. Whatever you do, always make sure that you have the defendant in mind – it is their life and their future that you are trying to protect and safeguard after all. No hesitation or second guessing should be allowed. So, these are the things that you should always look for in a criminal defense lawyer.

Experience is naturally the first quality you should look for in a criminal defense lawyer for your loved one. They need to be fully equipped to handle any ins and outs of the case and they need to know absolutely everything they possibly can about defending that particular branch of law. There is no use in hiring a lawyer who has no experience defending someone who has committed (or at least, who has been accused of committing) the very same crime that someone has been accused of. It may be an awkward conversation, but a good criminal defense lawyer will not be offended by you asking what experience they have defending against certain law suits and crimes. It is a normal and completely understandable question to ask a criminal defense lawyer.

It does not matter how experienced or professional a lawyer is however, if your loved one or their client is not comfortable with them then the relationship will not work, and the case could be lost. There needs to be complete trust between the two parties, no secrets hidden from each other. If this relationship is honored and is a good one, then there is a high chance that the case will be won as the lawyer will know absolutely everything there is to know about the defendant and the case. This means they can defend it against all angles, when the lawyer from the opposing side comes after them with everything they have.

Finally, the attorney or lawyer ideally would be one that lives within the local area. This means they can be there immediately if there are any changes within the case or developments that would require attention from a criminal defense lawyer right away. This saves time on travelling and trying to convince a lawyer from out of town to spend the time commuting to your loved one or their potential client.


There is a surprising amount of people out there who do not have any clue about what an athlete paternity attorney does, nor have they ever really heard of them. This is an upsetting thought as athlete paternity attorneys do important work and help professional athletes come to an agreement over custody cases. Professional athletes make the news a lot and are often in the public eye. This can make custody cases and divorce custody cases much harder to fight through. Any cases such as custody battles can be a terrible and painful time for all parties involved and athlete paternity attorneys can help ease the process. For any occupation, custody battles and divorces can be difficult for anyone, but for athletes, if they slip even slightly they can be fired and then replaced. Athlete paternity attorneys can help with this process and ensure that every party in the case is protected.

So, what is an athlete paternity attorney’s exact job?

These lawyers have a very specific job to do. Their job is to oversee child custody cases that include their athletes and their ex-partners. It is a very important but niche role. This is because there are usually complex issues and problems that can arise from an athlete’s work schedule and commitments that require an in-depth knowledge of the law as well as the sports industry.

How can they help?

An athlete paternity attorney is there to represent their client in family court – a court tailored specifically for cases regarding children and custody cases. They act exactly as any other lawyer, they are there to guide their client through the legal process and all the jargon that people typically struggle through in court cases. They watch over both the parents and the children. However, they are so specialized because an athlete’s contract is legally binding and, in some cases, very restrictive.

This can make it very hard for an athlete to commit to anything and fight for custody in court – which is where athlete paternity attorneys come in. They will be able to look at problematic contracts and help their clients through any concerns.  There are specific ways that athlete paternity can help an athlete through a harrowing case – a case that can affect their public personas, their reputations and careers ultimately. The ways they can help include: the cost of child support and how long a client is required to pay it, private agreements out with court between the parents, finding suitable litigation courts, custody rights, confidentiality and privacy and perhaps the most important aspect is knowing when a player is not ready for the responsibility. Even though the athlete paternity lawyers do work for the athletes, the welfare of the child is always of the upmost importance to consider and protect. The mental health and capabilities of the athlete at that point in their life is also scrutinized and protected. This helps keeps the lives of all parties involved on track.


Divorcing someone can be a painful and stressful situation, often lasting for years as the couple try and negotiate leaving each other’s lives and how to best handle the situation. It is a very tricky and hurtful process to navigate, especially if it is affecting other people in the couples family and circle of friends. This is why it is best to find the best mediator possible, to make the whole process a lot smoother. There are several steps that a divorcing couple can follow to help the decision less painful and to ensure that there is a minimal impact on both themselves as well as for those who love them.

If two people also know what to expect before they enter into divorce mediations, this may also make the entire process less daunting and lessen the emotional distress. Even though it may seem painful, it is best to remember that divorce mediation might cost less money and be less tough than contested litigation, so it is best for divorcing couples to thoroughly research their options before going through with anything.

So, what happens during the divorce mediation proceedings?

No matter what happens, nor what the situation or extenuating circumstances are, divorce mediation proceedings will always be complicated and upsetting. Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for this. However, it is possible to research and thus understand exactly what will happen during divorce mediation, just to make the process smoother. A divorce mediation is when an objective third party (neutral from both sides of the case) helps the divorcing couple decide outcomes on various legalities that occur while undergoing divorce. This will typically be through a court appointed session, but private mediators are also available to those who would prefer that. (It is worth noting that a private mediator will most likely be more expensive than a court appointed mediator, but some people prefer them as they only work for themselves and may be more invested in the case). Mediation will usually consist of a few different negotiations and business points: alimony, custody of any animals or children, the allocation of physical property, the allocation of separate retirement accounts and the division of any outstanding debts.

Will the mediator make the decisions for the divorcing couple?

No. It is not the job of the mediator to actually make the decisions for the ex-couple they are presiding over, that is not their role within the proceedings. A divorce mediator’s job is to ensure that both sides of the case understand what is going to happen and the implications of all the decisions they make independently. The thing that divorce mediators have to watch out for is how their thoughts about the situation come across to the separating parties. Every divorcing couple will be different, even if the circumstances may seem similar and a good mediator will be able to navigate this accordingly – it is always best to find an experienced mediator with those qualities.