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5 Reasons a DUI Breath Machine May Give Inaccurate Results

5 Reasons a DUI Breath Machine May Give Inaccurate Results

You were arrested for DUI. The officer asked you to take the only approved breath test machine in florida: the intoxilyzer 8000, produced by CMI, Inc. You agreed, but unfortunately, you failed.

Fortunately, all is not lost. The Florida Breath Test Machine results may be inaccurate. Below are five reasons why:

1. The Intoxilyzer 8000 requires deep lung air for its reading.

In order to be valid, the breath test machine needs a certain type of lung air: Deep Alveoli Lung air. The problem is, no-one, not even you, can tell if the machine has received the proper lung air. There is no what to qualify the air that is received in the machine. Therefore, it is impossible to tell if the first requirement– the right type of air-went into the machine. Without the ability to test the type of air, the accuracy of the reading is questionable.

2. The Florida Intoxilyzer is subject to operator manipulation.

The old saying in law enforcement breath test training is: “The longer you go, the higher the blow”. Officers are taught in the academy that the results produced can be manipulated by the length of time the subject blows into machine. Yet, the Florida Breath Test Machine purports to be a scientifically valid machine that will produced the same results time and time again. How can it be? A scientific instrument’s reading cannot necessarily be accurate if it can be manipulated by the particular officer taking the results.

3. CMI, the company that creates the Florida Breath Machine, will not let criminal Attorneys review the source code of the machine.

The breath Test machine relies on computer programs to convert the breath result into a blood alcohol result. Without seeing the source code, criminal attorneys cannot tell if the machine is properly functioning. CMI will not let criminal attorneys see the code. Therefore, we cannot tell if the breath test results are accurate or not.

4. The machine assumes a standard human body temperature for every test subject.

In order to come to a result of BAC, the Intoxilzyer 8000 must take into account the temperature of the test taker. But the Florida Machine does not have the option to read the test takers actual temperature. Rather it takes a generic example: 98 degrees. What if the test taker is sick? Pregnant? Does it factor in the inherent temperature difference between men and women? It does not, therefore leaving the possibility of an inaccurate test reading.

5. Machines break down. Florida’s Breath machine is no different.

Everyone knows machines breaks down. And a Florida Breath take machine is no different. In fact CMI only warranties the product for 1 year, yet a Florida Breath Test Machine may be in service for 5-10 years or more. Each machine is inventoried by a serial number. This allows your criminal attorney to go back and check the “maintenance” logs for the particular machine you were tested on. Likely, the machine will have been out of service and in repair multiple times since it went online.

Above are five reasons to question the unreliablity of Florida’a version of the blow machine.…

Criminal Attorney – Competent Representation, Legal Skills and Knowledge for the Best Outcome

Criminal Attorney – Competent Representation, Legal Skills and Knowledge for the Best Outcome

An experienced criminal attorney will have the background and knowledge necessary for properly defending a wide range of crimes. These crimes can include drug crimes, violent offenses, DWIs or DUIs, theft, juvenile crimes and more. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a crime, a skilled criminal defense attorney and seasoned legal experts can give your case the attention and fierce representation it needs. When you hire this type of legal team, you will be on the right step to a proper criminal representation. Some of the attributes you want to look for in an attorney that will represent your criminal case include:

• Has The right connection in the court system

• Knowledge of cases that are similar to yours

• Many satisfied clients

• Expertise handling a wide range of crime cases

• Years of experience in the courtroom

• The right skills and attitude necessary to persuade other attorneys, the jury, or judge

Choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision pertaining to your criminal case and could make the difference between the amounts of penalty you are charged, jail time, and a complete dismissal of your case. The creative talent, quality, and dedication of a good criminal attorney can greatly influence the outcome of your case. Choose and attorney that has a great depth of the knowledge of the criminal justice system and one who has demonstrated their skill in presenting a compelling case for the defense. It is also crucial that your attorney get involved in your case as earlier as possible, so even before you are formally charged, you can contact a reputable lawyer to represent you.

If you have been arrested and taken into custody, it is important to understand your “right to remain silent”. This means you should not discuss any aspect of your case to anyone at the police station or jail. The only person you should discuss your case with is your attorney because everyone around you, including fellow inmates may discuss your information with others. If you have been taken into custody, you should note that an arrest is only an accusation. No conviction is made until a trial, and a competent attorney could help you prevent a conviction from occurring.

Call and schedule a free and confidential evaluation of your case by an experienced and dedicated criminal attorney. This lawyer will work hard on your case to ensure your rights are protected and you get the best outcome possible.…

Signs You Need Personal Liability Protection

More often than not, policyholders who opt out of getting personal liability insurance may find themselves paying significant lawsuit claims when they cause 3rd party injuries and damages, risking their financial stability. Choosing to get personal liability insurance comes with the benefit of reducing such out-of-pocket expenses, helping you keep your finances intact. But even with these advantages, how do you determine when to get this cover?

When To Purchase Personal Liability Protection

A few factors can help you identify when to get this protection, with examples listed below:

You Own High-Risk Items

Items such as trampolines and pools increase the risk of 3rd party injuries, requiring homeowners with such structures to invest in the right policies. Guests could get injured when using these facilities, resulting in expensive medical bills. Consider signing up for coverage with your Florida insurance agency for adequate compensation during accidents to avoid such mishaps.

You Are a High-Value Personnel

If you are often in the public eye, you will likely be sued for more damage than the average income earner. This will require you to get personal liability protection either as a standalone cover or an add-on policy on your home insurance. By doing this, you are protected against any slander or libel claims you may encounter during your work. In addition to this, this safeguard will also compensate you when you face liability claims after your pet injures guests in your residence, your employees get work-related injuries, or when your loved one damages 3rd party property.

You Have Multiple Assets

Multiple assets also come with their fair share of risk, with vehicles, machinery, and buildings increasing your chances of getting into a lawsuit. If you fall under this category, getting personal liability protection improves your chances of keeping your out-of-pocket expenses low.

Having personal liability coverage will not only help you avoid the high costs that come with legal cases, but will also be essential in helping you have peace of mind during your everyday errands. Make it a point to reach out to your provider to help you secure policies tailored to your needs.…

Things to Look For When You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Things to Look For When You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Ever since human beings congregated together for mutual protection and benefit, there have been rules and laws governing them. Not coincidentally, since that dawn of civilization there have been those who run afoul of those laws. Whether looking for a sophist in ancient Greece, the juris consulti in the Roman Empire, or a defense attorney in the 21st century, someone charged with a criminal offense must actively search for a good criminal lawyer. The right choice can lead to exoneration and redemption; the wrong choice can lead to loss of money, liberty, or worse. Following a few tips in attorney selection can make all the difference.

Never bring a knife to a gun fight. These wise words have a wide and varied application to real life: always be prepared; never underestimate an opponent; always over-pack. In the context of hiring a criminal defense attorney, never bring your over-worked, newly-graduated, bankruptcy attorney to a criminal trial. In order to find an established criminal lawyer with experience as a defense attorney…

Always ask questions. It just so happens that lawyers are exceedingly good at asking and answering questions, so actively ask questions. What is your specialty? How long have you been practicing? What associations do you belong to? What is your case load? A criminal attorney specializing in assault will be of little help in an extortion case. A defense attorney who belongs to a Corporate Income Tax Association will have little input in a murder case. Any lawyer with 500 clients will have little time to provide their new client with individualized and excellent service.

You get what you pay for. Attorneys are compensated based on their experience and the difficulty of the case. There are no coupons, discounts, or do-it-yourself rates. However, Attorneys are also bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct, and must provide written contract agreements, cannot overcharge for their service, and cannot take contingent fees for criminal cases.

Research, research, research. When making any purchase, whether it be a new stereo, car, or (heaven forbid) a defense attorney, “know what you’re buying.” Each state has a Bar Association created as an administrative arm of that state’s court system and most counties have a Bar Association as well. Most Bar Associations provide detailed information on each of the attorneys working there; from specialties to insurance status.

Outline the event. The appropriate lawyer has been chosen, the fees agreed upon, now the client must meet with the defense attorney. This meeting is crucial in informing the attorney about the relevant facts of the case so that they can make decisions concerning strategy, pleadings, and discovery. Facts are often difficult to illicit from a client. A client will rarely, if ever, remember all the factual elements of an event from time A to time Z. Often, a random smell, conversation, or emotion can lead to a fact or memory that was previously forgotten. Start an outline of the event right away. As more memories come to the fore, add them to the outline. This ensures that all pertinent facts come to light.

Lawyers are unjustly mocked by society. They are categorized as anal-retentive, verbose, and ethically challenged. However, the mocking stops when someone is charged with a criminal offense. Then, the lawyer becomes attentive, eloquent, and dedicated to their client. Follow these simple steps and rest assured that your criminal defense attorney is the right choice.…

ForbrukslÄn: How Much is the House Worth?

How much is the person’s house worth? If a property owner is wondering about their home’s real worth, there is a good chance that it is just a curiosity to see if the house recovered from the 2008 housing crash or how their house is keeping up with the market price in their area.

It can also be an immediate need to help owners set the price when they plan to sell it. Before shopping for new houses and housing loan lending firms so they can get the best rates in the market, looking at prices in the area can be the first thing people need to do when trying to figure out their home’s value. There are a lot of ways to determine the value of a house, some more accurate compared to others. Below are some ways to figure out how much a property is worth.

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Online estimators

If people entered their addresses on websites and got their property’s value assessed in seconds, they have seen value estimators in action. These estimators at lending or real estate websites provide estimated market values through algorithms, it they come up with.

It can include public info like recent tax records and home sales, home size and features, or market conditions and locations, though not all of these inputs will be made known to the owners. Some websites need to register as users before using free services.

User-submitted info may also be used – although that could be manipulated if it is not verified that the individual submitting the information is the owner. For instance, someone could add a couple of bedrooms to the profile of every house in the area of the valuation site, increasing the valuation of the entire neighborhood.

One popular estimator says that they have a median error rate of 4.3%. The accuracy ranges from a 3.1% error rate to as high as 8.2% of the top urban area it covers. Their median error rate has dramatically improved, from 13.6% to 8% and 4.3% in two succeeding years.

Home valuations can fall short in many ways. They cannot determine the actual condition of the house, whether it has been recently repaired or desperately needs a master bedroom to remodel. Property characteristics that are pretty in demand, like architectural styles or open layouts, cannot be factored in. Online estimators do not compare like structures and may compare two-story houses into ranch homes as if they are of the same value. Foreclosures and short sales are not filtered out, which can hurt a property’s estimated price.

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Research everything

Instead of relying on home value estimators, find national or local websites that show sold info and search for houses within a mile of your house that has sold in the past three to six months. Make sure to check out houses that are similar in size, style, and age.

The local tax assessor’s office in the area will also have prices readily available since they are considered public records. Those details are easy to wade through depending on the tax office, although they may be readily available on the Internet.

When checking tax records, people should be aware that assessed value is usually less compared to the appraised or market value of the house. Assessed values will determine rates of property taxes. People can also check out their local Multiple Listing Services to compare recent home sales.

Real estate agents can provide these things for owners, although they may need to hire agents to give them to them. If homeowners are willing to do the necessary legwork to get the beste forbrukslÄn (best consumer loans), they can call or visit sellers in their area to check out what they are asking for.

When comparing structures, individuals need to make sure to get the square footage measurements of each property. Once they have the prices for different houses that are comparable to their homes, divide sales prices by their square footage to get the average price per square foot. The next thing they need to do is multiply the price by the square footage of their homes, and they will get estimates of how much their property is worth.

Get house appraisals

Property appraisals are the most accurate way to find out how much properties are worth. Even then, values between various appraisers can differ from 5% to 10%. These professionals will include comps like sales of similar structures in the vicinity and look at the property to find out its value. Upgrades like new bathrooms or kitchens, as well as their condition, will be factored in.…

How Does Elder Law Protect Seniors?

How Does Elder Law Protect Seniors?

Many people hear the term “elder law”, and they wonder if it applies to their situation. Maybe they have an elderly mother or father at the local nursing home, or maybe there are estate issues that need to be addressed in the family. It is basically a broad term that covers any legal issue applicable to person that is elderly in age. Basically, lawyers working in this type of field seek to meet the legal needs of elderly people.

Elder law plays an important role in the functioning of our society. There are many typical issues a lawyer may help elderly people with, in a way that is catered to their needs. Often, children of elderly parents to not have the necessary knowledge to deal with complex estate issues or nursing home care issues.

Lawyers care for elderly people, by helping them to plan for their long-term needs and wishes. A lawyer may also help a person put his or her nursing home care wishes onto paper. A lawyer typically also helps an elderly person with estate planning, wills, and trusts. In addition to health care planning and estate planning, a lawyer practicing elder law will also help defend the rights of elderly people.

Defending the rights of elderly folks is one of the most important parts of elder law. There are many personal injury cases they may easily become involved with. For example, nursing homes often have facilities where negligence may be an issue. Perhaps a person falls in a slippery area within a nursing home, or suffers due to the negligence of a caretaker in the facilities.

All too often, a senior may suffer due to over-sedation, abandonment, or unsanitary conditions. It is important to recognize they have rights and should not be treated in a way that comprises their well-being. In instances like this, lawyers play an incredible role in defending the rights of older people and helping ensure they have access to proper medical care.

Seniors may even be the victim of medical malpractice, which can ultimately compromise their entire well-being for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can even cause the unforeseen death of even the healthiest elderly person. Sometimes medical professionals are reluctant to admit to medical malpractice and will often blame the death or exaggerated illness on a person’s age. In this case, the help and aid of a lawyer is absolutely critical.

When medical professionals lie or engage in medical malpractice, it is important to hold these individuals accountable for their actions. It is important for seniors to receive compensation for their suffering. Sometimes, in the unfortunate case of a death, compensation is awarded to the family. Without representation, there is no way justice can be achieved in these difficult situations.…

Finding A Lawyer That Specializes In Criminal Defense

Finding A Lawyer That Specializes In Criminal Defense

Finding an attorney that specializes in San Francisco criminal defense can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are involved in a serious criminal trial. They handle all aspects of a criminal case, looking at details such as the arrest, the nature of the evidence and so forth. They can advise you on the severity of your case and the likelihood of getting a positive result.

Looking for a criminal attorney is fairly simple, as it is often just a matter of looking a phone directory or internet search. However this can equally lead to a lot of options in the local area, some of them making very bold claims. Like a lot of companies and products, if it seems too good to be true then it often is.

There are various things you can do to hasten the process of elimination. It may be a stressful time but it is important to be sensible and have a balanced approach. In much the same way as you would not let some fix your driveway just because they knocked on the door, you should not contact a company that offers you a positive results or specialize in an area without having an official credit.

The minimum requirement should be that they belong to the County and Bar State Associations. If you do not see this on the site you should discount that company immediately. Checking their background can give you an idea of their level of experience as well as the results of their conduct in court. A little bit of preparation can save a lot of hassle.

Equally this kind of information can be positive. For example, if they have taught at a law school this should rate high in your considerations. Teaching at a law school requires field work and research and are likely to be more experienced. There are also online ratings tools that can give you a broad idea of their level of success rate.

However, this does not necessarily mean they are best for your personal needs. For example, some have different payments. You may prefer an hourly rate or a flat rate. It is generally frowned upon if a criminal attorney accepts contingency payments, such as bonus payments for a positive outcome. If a lawyer offers you this it is best to avoid them.

It is important to note that a criminal attorney will charge you for everything, including phone calls. Clarify if the person you are talking to will represent you in court and how much work they will be doing themselves. It is also worth asking about what will happen in case your representative cannot work for any reason, such as illness or family emergencies.

Remember, your criminal attorney should give you realistic expectations of the result. If you have to pay a fine then it is better than having to go to jail. It cannot be emphasized enough that no company can guarantee you victory. With the right preparation and the right representative, you can give yourself the best possible chance.…

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