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4 Reasons for Using a Notary

For individuals looking to put their affairs in order, the cost of having a lawyer professional draw up paperwork might be too expensive. There are ways to ensure an official status for particular documents, and using a notary is one of them. Notaries are public service individual that has been authorized by the state government to witness signatures on documents and perform other acts dealing with legal affairs. The sign of official capacity is the individual’s notary seal embosser.

Common Types of Notarizations

There are a number of notarial acts that a person may request, though there are specifications on how a notary can perform his or her services. These are a few of the more common requests.

1. Acknowledgments

In this request, the notary is to ensure the person signing a document is who they say they are and they are exercising their free will in signing the document. Deeds, mortgages and other valuable assets are often notarized when transferring hands.

2. Affirmation/Oaths

There are instances where an individual may need an oath to be administered verbally, similar to what a signed statement equals in determining truthfulness. Affirmations are pledges of a person’s honor, while an oath is considered a solemn pledge to a higher authority.

3. Jurat

A notary may be called upon to assist the truthfulness of the contents of a document. The document does not have to be drafted in the presence of the notary, but the document is brought before the notary and signed in their presence. A verbal oath or affirmation must then be made by the signer to affirm the statements of the document as accurate and truthful.

4. Copy Certification

When an original document has been reproduced, a notary may sign a copy certification authorizing the reproduction is a full, accurate transcription from the original. These could include driver’s license, medical records or bills of sale.

Notaries can help with authorizing a number of legal documents. However, they aren’t a substitute for legal counsel.…

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Your Doctor Injured You. Now What?

When you go to a doctor for help, you are understandably hoping for them to help you solve whatever medical issues you are suffering from. Sometimes, however, the opposite can happen. There are times when patients are harmed or injured by their doctors in some way. If this is the case for you, thankfully, you have options available to you.

Hire a Lawyer

If you have been harmed or injured by your doctor, you can hire a medical malpractice lawyer Macomb County. Your doctor may have caused you harm or injury through, for example, a negligent act. These lawyers will help you receive proper compensation for your harm or injuries so that you can then use those funds to help you recover.

See a Therapist

If the damage caused to you by your doctor has left you feeling traumatized or apprehensive about future medical care, it may be in your best interests to speak with a therapist. Even just one visit may be enough to alleviate your concerns. However, if necessary, you can make a habit of regularly seeing a therapist to discuss your feelings about this situation. Not all injuries are physical, and either of these options can help you recover mentally if that is what you need. Therapists are trained professionals whose sole job is to listen to your concerns and help you feel better, after all.

If your doctor has caused you some kind of harm, you do not need to worry because you have options. You can gain monetary compensation for your troubles by hiring a specialized lawyer who is trained to help you recover damages for the harm that was caused to you. Since not all injuries are physical, you can also see a therapist to help you heal any mental wounds related to the incident that you may have.…

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3 Questions About Bankruptcy

If you have been considering bankruptcy, you are not alone. In fact, thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy every year. Although there are still some persisting myths out there about bankruptcy, it is a constitutional right of every United States consumer. In addition, it offers many individuals the opportunity to positively reorganize their finances, and in many cases, start over.

With that said, many people approach the process of bankruptcy with many questions. Given some of the lingering stigmas and falsehoods out there, sometimes people fear the subject. If this sounds familiar, this article can help. Use this information as a guide to help you in your search for a bankruptcy lawyer Rockville MD.

1. Do I Have To Give Up My Assets?

One of the biggest worries that many people have concerns their existing possessions and assets. A common question that bankruptcy lawyers hear is, “Do I have to give up my assets?” The answer is that it depends on the total value of your assets. No matter what, you will not have to give up everything you own. You might have to let go of some assets, but many people do not.

2. Do I Qualify for Chapter 7?

Whether or not you qualify for Chapter 7 comes down to your income. Qualifications follow both state poverty lines as well as the federal one. To find out if you meet Chapter 7 qualifications for your location, check your local state laws.

3. Should I File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

This is another situation where the best route depends on your unique circumstances. With bankruptcy, there is no “right” answer; rather, there are some answers that work better for some cases and other options that work better for others. Legal assistance can be helpful.

At the end of the day, bankruptcy is your legal right and it is a process that can help you start over. Do not hesitate to ask questions, but do not allow common myths to scare you away from filing, either.…

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Court Mandated Courses You Can Take Online

At some point, you might find yourself in a bit of hot water with the law. Whether you’ve committed a traffic offense or have gotten arrested for a DUI, the judge will likely order you to take some classes. The courts do this to make sure you understand what you did wrong and don’t do it again. Thankfully, in most areas, you can take your classes online. Here are some of the court-ordered classes that you can take online.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

If you get arrested for a DUI or a drug offense, then you’ll likely find yourself needing to take an online drug and alcohol course. The course will show the dangers of drugs and alcohol and explain how they can hurt more than just you, the user. It will also talk about how substances work in the body and how much damage they can do to you. Additionally, the course will cover further treatments that might be required to help those with an addiction. You should plan to devote about 10 hours to the class.

Anger Management

When you get in trouble for getting into a bar fight or destructing someone else’s property, you’ll probably be ordered to take anger management courses. The classes will help you better understand why you’re so angry and how your anger affects those around you. You’ll also be taught coping skills to deal with that anger when it happens again. The classes can take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours to get through.

Theft Awareness

If you get caught stealing, you’ll most likely end up taking a theft awareness class. The class is designed to help people clearly understand what constitutes theft and the impact that it can have on society as a whole and individual people. It will also help you better understand why you steal and the unhealthy thinking that could make you want to steal. You’ll then go over ways to cope with the feelings and how to start changing. Classes typically take about 16 hours to finish.…

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Road Hazards Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can easily happen because of road hazards since motorbikes are much smaller than regular vehicles. Even the smallest things, like debris or uneven road surfaces, could lead to motorcycles crashing. Every single motorcyclist has to understand the possible impact of hazards and needs to be alert for similar dangers. So, try to avoid having an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer file an injury claim for you by avoiding the accident in the first place.

Here are the most common road hazards that cause motorcycle accidents all around the country.

Rough Roads

Bumpy and rough roads can so easily cause a motorcycle accident. This might be due to disrepair, resurfacing efforts, or construction work, among others.

Gravel Present On The Pavement

It is very tricky for a motorcycle rider to navigate gravel. This hazard is very dangerous, especially when faced with cornering. It is more common to see gravel present on the winding roads and these are very popular for the bikers. They also require considerably more cornering.

Motorbike accidents that were caused by the presence of gravel are much more common when looking at the riders that simply love going fast. In many situations, they do not actually have the skills needed to ride motorcycles in such rough conditions.

Edge Breaking

The edge break is a situation in which there are 2 traffic lanes but they have different heights. Usually, this is not a huge deal as you drive the car. However, if you are an unsuspecting motorcyclist and you are in a particularly dangerous situation, like traveling at high speeds on the freeway, the results can be catastrophic.

Expansion Joints

The expansion joint is connecting to road sections or a road section to a bridge section. It is important since it allows the road to contract or expand, all without showing cracks. Uneven surfaces will easily cause the motorcycle rider to crash. Also, the road can become very slick when faced with wet weather.


When you hit a smaller animal with your motorcycle, you can easily end up being thrown off path or at least you could lose your balance. It is very difficult to anticipate the appearance of live animals and when you try to swerve so you can avoid them, an accident can easily happen.

Larger animals are even a higher road hazard. For instance, if you hit a deer, it is usually a fatal incident for the motorcycle rider.

Slick Surfaces

It is very difficult to make a full list of all possible surfaces and objects that could become or that are slippery. For the motorcycle rider, any slippery surface should be considered a huge road hazard. This is because two-wheeled vehicles are unstable and lighter. It is much easier to end up with a crash when you slide with a motorbike. If you are taking a turn, any slick surface is more dangerous.

Some road surfaces and debris that could easily become slippery include:

  • Crosswalk lines
  • Leaves
  • Painted surfaces of any kind
  • Trolley tracks
  • Oil
  • Anti-freeze

The motorcycle rider needs to be very cautious whenever there is rain present, especially when it comes after dry spells. The first rain will be very hard to drive on. This is true even for regular cars. Having oil and mud present on the road will make things even worse since it creates more slippery surfaces.…

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Reasons You Need a Specialized Attorney

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they find themselves needing a lawyer. Now, you might do a quick look on a search engine to find the nearest lawyer to you, but you want to make sure that you’re picking the best lawyer for your situation. Not every lawyer will be able to help with every situation. Just as you don’t go to one doctor for all of your problems, you don’t go to just one attorney for everything.

Start a New Business

If you are starting a new company, hiring a trademark attorney would be in your best interest. They can search the proposed business name and let you know if it has already been claimed. You never want to assume that the name is safe to use because you did a quick search online and didn’t find anything. Many businesses choose a name and even go as far as ordering signs and merchandise before contacting a lawyer, only to find that it has already been trademarked. Avoid the hassle and heartache of changing everything down the road and let the trademark attorneys do their job.

Got a New Gig

If you’re an actor, producer, or even an artist, you’ll want to have an entertainment lawyer on speed dial. When you are offered a new position or will work on a new show, you want to make sure that your best interests are covered at all times. You might have gotten a verbal confirmation of the terms of the job, but if you don’t have it in writing, you’re not in a safe position. Take any contracts you receive to an entertainment lawyer so they can look them over. Additionally, if your employer refuses to send you a contract, contact your lawyer so they can intervene. Your lawyer has the skills and knowledge of the ins and outs of the entertainment world and will work to keep your best interests in mind at all times.…

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Car Accident Injury Cases And Police Reports

After car accidents, police reports are generated so they shed some light on what happened. The reports are rarely admissible in the event that your case goes to court. Even so, police reports are very important in personal injury cases. Philadelphia accident attorneys know how important these are and they will always focus on them, not because of the trial, but because they are very strong for injury claims as you discuss terms with insurance companies.

Always Get Your Copy

A law enforcement agency will come to the scene of the car accident and will prepare a report. This can be highway patrol, the county sheriff, the state police, and so on. All you have to do to get the report of the accident is to contact the non-emergency number of the department.

Someone there will instruct you on what needs to be done to obtain the report. It is also quite useful to have the badge number or name of the officer. After paying a very small fee, you will get the report.

Police Report Uses

The police report will be very useful during settlement negotiations. This is especially the case when referring to car accident cases.

Before you file your injury claim, you need to gather medical records, police reports, and several other records. You can also draft a letter of demand to the insurance company of the party at fault. Only do this if you are comfortable. If not and you have doubts, get the help of a car accident attorney to do it for you. The police report will then be used as a settlement tool.

Police Reports Include Important Facts

The report includes quite a lot of information about the car accident. You can use that during negotiations with insurance companies. Also, it will include details about the incident date, witness names, weather conditions, and several other information about the circumstances of the accident.

Even though it is not allowed to use police report statements in court, informal statements from witnesses can be obtained. These offer leverage during insurance settlement talks.

Inadmissible Hearsay

This is what the official term is when talking about whether or not the police report can be used in a trial. Basically, the report is simply seen as hearsay. It is not admissible evidence, with very few exceptions.

The reason why police reports are hearsay is that police officers were not there when accidents happened. They will make deductions based on what they saw after the collision. Simply put, the report is just the opinion of the officer.

The big problem with the report when it comes to going to court is that it cannot be cross-examined, which is a very important part of the courts. However, this does not mean that the report does not have usability in your injury claim. A skilled car accident attorney is going to use the report’s findings to negotiate better settlements with insurance companies so that you get more money after you were injured. This is what you want at the end of the day, no?…