3 Basic Components of a Parenting Plan

Divorce is not a decision. The process that goes into legally severing ties with a partner can take time, energy and an emotional toll. The severity of the emotional impact may vary depending on whether or not the couple has children.

When kids are in the picture, parents want to protect them at all costs, and during a divorce, the court aims to do the same. One of the requirements of a divorce with children is a parenting plan. This document sets out guidelines for scheduling and visitation between the parents. Discover three of the components that are included in the document.

1. Physical Custody Schedule

The most crucial element in a parenting plan is setting out how long the children will spend with each parent weekly. One parent may have the children every Monday through Wednesday morning, while the other has them every Wednesday evening through Friday morning. The parents then would alternate every other weekend. A tampa divorce lawyer can help get a schedule together that makes sense.

2. The Pickup and Dropoff Locations

Parents may choose to pick children up from the other’s home. This may be due to scheduling conflicts or just general preference. However, if the children are in daycare or school, the best pick up and drop off location may be there. This may minimize emotional showings on the side of the children when it comes to the exchange. It can also help keep the parents apart if there is a tendency to argue.

3. Holiday Schedules

There are going to be times throughout the year where the regular physical custody schedule developed does not work. This usually occurs at holidays and summer break. Therefore, the parenting plan must account for who has the children during these times. Some parents decide to keep the schedule relatively unchanged except for traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Others, however, have a whole other rotating schedule for all school holidays.

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Drafting a parenting plan that works for your family is essential in getting through the divorce process. Helping children deal in the aftermath is something that a solid plan can do.

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