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3 Types of Bail

Often, when a person is jailed while they await trial for a crime, the court gives the accused the opportunity to be released from jail until their court date by posting bail. Failure to appear in court usually results in a penalty, such as forfeiting the amount of bail paid. Most people think of bail as a cash payment; however, there are many different types of bail.

1. Cash Bond

Cash bonds are the most well-known type of bail. A cash bond is an amount of money a defendant can pay after they have been booked for a crime. The amount depends upon the state or local bail schedule or on the amount set by the court during a bail hearing. If the defendant can afford the entire bail amount, they can pay it and be released from jail. If not, they can purchase bail bonds Charlotte Mecklenburg County.

2. Secured Bond

With a secured bond, instead of cash, the defendant gives the court a security interest in property that has a value equal to that of the bond set. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the court can seize the property used as a bond and sell it to pay the amount of the bail.

3. Own Recognizance Bond

With this type of bail, the defendant is released on their word that they will appear in court. This is usually used for defendants who have been charged with minor crimes and are considered low flight risks.

If you are accused of a crime, you may be offered the chance to pay one of these three types of bail to secure your release from jail. If you can not afford to pay your entire bail amount, you may be able to secure the services of a bail bondsperson in your area to assist you.…

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Finding the Right Attorney

If you are looking for an attorney at law Jacksonville NC, then you know that the stakes are high. Therefore, you need to make sure that you find the right legal professional to represent your interests and defend your rights. At the same time, there are lots of lawyers out there. How can you make sure you go with the right attorney?

Check the Website of the Law Firm

Similar to doctors, lawyers specialize in certain areas of law. Not every lawyer is going to specialize in the field of law that you need. For example, some lawyers might specialize in criminal defense. Other lawyers might specialize in taxes or estate planning. Still, some attorneys might work in immigration or constitutional law. Most law firms list their practice areas on their website. Take a few minutes and visit their website. Make sure they work in the field of law that matches your needs.

Read Reviews and Check with References

Before you decide to hire an attorney, you need to meet with them in person. Read a few reviews and ask them for a list of references. Make sure that your communication style matches that of the firm. You and your attorney need to be on the same page at all times. Then, give a few of their references a call and see what they have to say. If they had a good experience, this is a good sign.

Find the Right Attorney

These are a few of the most important points that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for an attorney. Whether you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or a tax lawyer, you need to find a legal professional who is in your corner no matter what. Following these tips will help you do exactly that.…

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Put Yourself In the Best Position After an Arrest With These Simple Steps

For some, there is a true ignorance of the law. Others might feel they have no choice aside from committing an infraction. Then there are the tragic cases of those wrongfully accused. In any case, there are a few helpful tips anyone can take to help put this episode in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible.

Review the Allegations Against You

It might seem as though someone accused of a crime has few options available. Nevertheless, from securing bail bonds Pennsylvania to exploring the rights already afforded defendants in federal, state, and local law, it is possible to find the right course of action. This will start with some research into the alleged crime and a clear understanding of the potential outcomes.

Review the Attorneys Available to You

Any major community should have a range of qualified defense attorneys available to take the case. Start reviewing options online or solicit advice from trusted individuals in your life. This will be a big decision, so make sure the choice is a team that has adequate and relevant experience in the court system. Some people will be left with no option aside from a public defender, but even this arrangement can provide safeguards guaranteeing a fair trial or plea process.

Review the Appropriate Response

There are several paths available to almost anyone facing criminal charges. Whether the result is a trial or a plea deal, the specific approach will depend on several important factors. Beyond those considerations, it is also helpful to give some serious thought to what life will look like when this is all over.
Few would choose to voluntarily go through this experience, but the tips listed above can help.…

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Everything You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

If law enforcement officers arrest you for allegedly committing a crime and take you to jail, you may well stay there until a judge sets your bail amount and someone pays it. By definition, bail means the amount of money (or sometimes property) you or someone on your behalf puts up to get you out of jail, but guarantee that you will appear in court whenever you have a hearing until such time as your case concludes.

Bail Amounts

As you might expect, the amount of your bail increases as the seriousness of your alleged crime increases. It also increases if the judge decides you pose a flight risk or a danger to the community. Typical bail amounts include the following:

  • Most traffic violations (except alleged DWI): $25–$1,000
  • Most misdemeanors: less than $1,500
  • Felonies: $1,500–$50,000
  • Serious felonies (violent crimes): up to $1 million

Bail Bondsmen

If you have insufficient money or property to make bail personally, you will need to work with a bail bond company. For instance, when you need bail bonds El Campo, you would call a local bail bond company from jail and make arrangements with them to bail you out.

Bail bond companies generally charge a nonrefundable fee amounting to 10% of the bail amount. They also generally are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you access to a bail bondsman whenever you need one, even in the middle of a weekend night.

A reputable bail bond company is not only licensed by the state but also offers a variety of bail bonds, such as the following:

  • Cash bonds
  • 10% bonds
  • Surety bonds
  • Property bonds
  • Appearance bonds
  • Appeals bonds

Remember the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution forbids the government from requiring excessive bail. In virtually all instances, you have the right to post bail and therefore stay out of jail while you are awaiting trial.…

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The 2017 Working Mother 50 Finest Legislation Companies For Girls

Working for a law agency offers both benefits and drawbacks. The Committee on Retention and Promotion of Girls works with leaders to strengthen the partnership trajectory for female associates. Shoppers of huge legislation companies are typically extra plentiful and diverse than those of smaller firms. We’ve discovered our clients prefer to work with real people who actually care about your authorized matter, think like enterprise owners, and know how to get the job finished so you can give attention to what matters to you.

Ladies are 33% of all managing companions. Our agency has much experience in helping private, native and multinational corporations in varied sectors in establishing and working their businesses in Indonesia in step with Indonesian firm law. Our purpose and the reason we exist is to help entrepreneurship and to provide providers, assets and industry know-how one can empower our purchasers and to companion with them in building great companies.

At Parmele Law Agency , we’ve supplied skilled illustration for well over 50,000 people through the years. As an offshore regulation firm, Appleby attorneys advise on the principal areas of corporate, dispute resolution, property, regulatory and personal consumer and trusts.

Aric Press, longtime editor in chief of the American Lawyer magazine, and now advisor to regulation companies of their client relationships, will open the session together with his knowledgeable and provocative observations, adopted by a panel consisting of Dean Andrew Perlman, Chair of the ABA’s Center for Innovation, and the program co-chairs.

Every speaker has a track file of innovation, tenacity, and demonstrated techniques that have constructed multi-million-dollar regulation companies. Identified for our integrity and long run relationships, we work to provide sensible, value efficient options that help our clients obtain objectives while protecting their rights and pursuits.…

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What You’ll See in Court

If you have never been in a courtroom before, you may not know what to expect when entering one for the first time. You may find that there are many people in the room at one time. Many times, multiple cases are heard throughout the day at each court meaning someone is always in there. Here are a few things you can expect to see when going to appear before a judge.


When you are entering a court, you will be met with security. Even though your case may be small and seem insignificant, the safety of everyone at all times is important. You may have to go through a screening and metal detector. Police will be throughout the building for overall safety reasons as well.


There may be several people and multiple groups in your courtroom. The judge will be in control of what goes on, but you will see others in attendance. A jury will be listening to the facts from witnesses and lawyers asking questions. There may also be news reporters and videos for courtroom reporters Oklahoma City OK documenting the statements made throughout the case.


You should have your facts, statements, and information ready to provide to the court. You may be asked questions by multiple people throughout the time you are there, so be sure to have your answers ready to go. You should not only act professionally when entering the court, but you should look professional as well. Wearing dress clothes can help people see how serious you are taking things.


You should have an understanding of what you will need to pay when going to court. There are court fees that are associated with being heard by the judge. If you choose to hire a lawyer, he’ll have a fee as well. Depending on what type of charge you are facing, you may need bail money in order to be released.

Going to court can be intimidating. Being prepared can help make the process as easy as possible though.…

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3 Ways to Make Your Lawyer’s Job Easier

If you’re preparing to take legal action against someone, you’re probably stressed about the upcoming trial or hearing. Thankfully, you have a lawyer to guide you through the process and present your arguments in a logical manner. Make your lawyer’s job easier by asking if you should perform the following tasks as your day in court approaches.

Contact Court Reporters

Court reporters’ services are vital to every case. These professionals record each minute of a trial or hearing through notes and videos, allowing lawyers to easily examine testimonies after they have taken place. Before you look for court reporting Boston MA, talk to your lawyer to find out which services he or she would like to pay for.

Organize Your Evidence

Some cases do not have much evidence besides eyewitness testimonies. Others involve pages and pages of documents, including emails, photographs, text messages, social media posts, and police reports. If your case resembles the second scenario, make sure to organize all your evidence before your meeting with your lawyer. Do not alter any of it, but do find a system that makes sense, such as sorting the evidence by type or date. This allows your lawyer to review it more quickly and decide how to present each detail to the judge and jury.

Review Courtroom Protocol

Every arena has its own rules, and courtrooms are no exception. For example, most judges prohibit disruptive behavior such as yelling, speaking out of turn, or booing. Review the protocol expected by the judge before you go to court so that you do not have to leave the room as the judge listens to your case.

The legal system is complicated and overwhelming, especially for people who have never taken legal action before. To help your lawyer and increase your chances of success, take these actions as soon as possible.…