4 Ways To Show the Court Your Deserve Custody

When the court determines custody, the legal parties are looking to see which parent may provide the best environment for the children. That isn’t always an easy task, and if parents are fighting hard, the proceedings may be long and arduous. What is the judge looking for during the deliberation? The following are things that are likely to be considered. 

1. Involvement 

Above all, the judge wants to know who spends the most time with the family. Detail what you do for your kids daily. Write out a list of how you care for them. Discuss their activities and how you support them. Also, consider who knows the teachers, communicates educational concerns and works on homework. This connection is significant in the decision.

2. Attitude

With your legal team, discuss your family law concerns Tucson AZ; be specific about any previous attitude troubles that may have created conflict with your kids and spouse. Is one more hostile than the other? How do you approach your children’s punishments? Discuss how you parent and discipline.

3. Stability

The children require support. Are you capable of providing financial provisions enough to keep them in a suitable, healthy environment. Supply evidence of financial records, including paychecks and accounts.

Furthermore, be sure that your home is in good condition and offers a pleasant atmosphere in a safe location. 

4. Fairness

Divorces can get ugly, but judges don’t often like to see the kids get caught up in the fray. If you allow your personal feelings to interfere with the children’s relationship, then it could be a notch against you. Instead, try to remain fair and level-headed, especially when you are discussing visitation.

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Fighting for your kiddos is important. Keep in mind that the court is looking at your previous acts and your current attitude. Try to remain calm and passionate at the same time, presenting yourself and a model citizen with a stable income and home.

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