5 Mistakes to Avoid in Child Custody Cases

In an ideal world, couple separation would be easy with zero conflict. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. Most breakups are fueled by anger, betrayal, and hurt. It is usually harder when kids are involved because they also get affected by the separation. While some people have learned how to co-parent, others end up going to court to fight for custody. If you ever find yourself in this situation, your actions will greatly affect whether you win a case or not. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid as they could hurt your child custody case.

Bashing The Other Parent in Front of Your Kids

You are allowed to be angry at your ex-partner for whatever they did. However, you should also remember that they are a parent to your kids. Therefore, try as much as possible not to drag your kids into whatever conflict is going on with your ex. Even if you are dealing with a difficult ex, vent among your trusted friends but not your kids. It is good to take the high road and conduct yourself in a collected manner. If the other parent is being problematic, this is something that can help your case. But if you behave in an uncouth manner, you miss the opportunity of showing the court that you are a calm person and equipped to protect the interests of a child.

Talking About the Case on Social Media

Do not be impulsive on social media, as that can bite you back in court. Even when you have blocked an ex, or you have a private account, nothing is private on social media. Therefore, avoid ranting about how the custody case is going. Do not make any threats or derogatory remarks about your ex. Also, avoid posting bad pictures of your ex. One screenshot of something you said or did is enough to show that you are not a responsible or good parent.

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Disobeying Court Orders

Custody cases often take some time before they are resolved. In the meantime, the judge will give orders on a temporary parenting plan till the final decision is made. Violating those orders is against the law, and you will also be showing the judge you cannot follow instructions. As you can tell, that will not help your case. Follow orders, no matter how much you disagree with them. In the end, it could work in your favor.

Not Having an Attorney

A child custody case is a highly emotional event, and that is why you should not represent yourself. Even where you feel you have enough evidence to show the other parent is not fit to care for the kids, it is still advisable to work with a lawyer. A Riverside child custody attorney is objective. They approach the case and the facts from a practical point of view. They ensure you complete all the required paperwork and keep up with the visitation schedule and court dates. In addition, they will advise you on what is the right way to handle the case that is fair for both parents and the children.

Withholding Visitation from the Other Parent Without a Valid Reason

Unless ordered by the court, do not prevent the other parent from seeing the kids. This will not work well for you. Unless it is a serious situation like a parent being high, drunk, or posing a danger to the child. In such instances, protecting the child comes first. Otherwise, blocking one parent from seeing the child only complicates the situation.

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In a custody battle, always prioritize the needs of the child. A child needs to grow up with the love and support of both parents, even if they are separated. An attorney can help both parties see this and come up with a favorable arrangement.

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