Are You Ready To Compete?

Competition shooting is equal parts preparation and performance, no matter what. As much as you want to go into an event with the right training and equipment, a lot comes down to that day. There are a lot of people in the world of marksmanship who use that observation to discount the need for great equipment, but what they miss is that the right support can ease your mind and allow you to enter a competition in a relaxed and ready state, contributing to the quality of your shooting on the day in question. It’s also vital to remember that the two parts are roughly equal, you can’t expect to walk in with equipment you haven’t trained on or equipment that doesn’t have the precision called for in the event and do just as well as someone who does, even if your performance is stellar on that day.

Choosing Your Gear for Competition Shooting

There are a lot of options when you start looking at competition Glock sights, enough to make an initial choice daunting if you’re new to tournament shooting. Fiber optic sights are pretty much state of the art today, and it’s easy to find a wide enough selection to feel comfortable picking one that appeals to you instead of having a choice dictated by necessity. That isn’t the only sight option, though, and when it comes to your aim, you’ll do better using a sight option that you are comfortable with. Whether that means glow sights with a night sight function, fiber optics, or reflex sight with a heads-up guide, you need to be able to settle into the sight’s feedback so you can just react to it without having to stop and process.

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Check Your Tournament Rules

Shooters who want to get to the top of the sport need to get familiar with a wide variety of firearms and configurations for them. Tournaments do not all have the same restrictions on magazine size, sight magnification, or even appropriate ammunition size. It takes attention to the individual event’s rules and preparation with the right gear to succeed.

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