Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney Services in Key West FL

Whether you have been injured by another driver or you slip and fell inside your favorite supermarket, holding the responsible party can be difficult if you are having to focus on having your injuries attended to. Calling an accident attorney even while you are still in the hospital gives them all the time they need to prepare your case for victory.

Here are some of the things the personal injury attorney services Key West FL law firm will do to help ensure you receive the appropriate cash settlement.

How Evidence is Being Collected

The longer you wait to collect evidence at the scene of the accident, the more likely it is going to disappear forever. Therefore, it is critical you call the accident attorney even if you’re in an ambulance or waiting in the emergency room at the hospital. The minute you speak with an attorney, they will have their own investigative team rush to the scene to begin several preservation procedures. The goal here is to preserve that location so if the case gets to a jury year from now, they will be able to see the location as it was the day you were injured.

Once the investigative team arrives at the location, they are going to video the surrounding areas, take an abundance of photographs, get testimony from witnesses, and collect measurements of the area.

Treating Your Injuries Long-Term

Although you may be treated and released from the hospital, it does not mean you are through. In the case of head or back injuries, although you are out of immediate danger, you may be dealing with the pain for decades to come. For this reason, your accident attorney is going to make certain you are seen by the best physicians and specialists in their field, giving them the chance to diagnose and offer their assistance in making you comfortable.

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The biggest benefit of working with the best medical professionals is that their testimony is highly regarded in a court of law, something that could help sway your case in your favor.

Determining the Value of Those Injuries

The hardest part of the job for your attorney is determining the settlement amount for your case. Your attorney will need to speak with the physicians about their findings, look at all the evidence in the case, determine your level of pain moving forward, the cost of your medical treatments moving forward, and how much the injuries have negatively impacted your life today, tomorrow, and years from now.

Once the settlement amount has been reached, your attorney is going to present that offer to the insurance company for payment and inform them if it is not paid that a lengthy trial will follow.

Take advantage of the free initial consultation that is being offered by the Key West law firm. This gives you the chance to meet your attorney up close and get answers to all the concerns and questions you might have before proceeding.

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