Simple Steps for a Comfortable Home

Keeping a home comfortable and energy efficient is the goal of most homeowners. Heating and cooling costs can become high during peak temperature spikes and dips throughout the year. It can also be difficult to maintain a steady temperature throughout the home to maintain comfort during these extreme temperatures. Fortunately, there is a method for helping to provide stable temperatures, as well as reduce energy costs.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be a great method for keeping a home comfortable while lowering costs. The fan can provide a method for circulating air throughout the home. This can provide a more even heating or cooling of the air in the home. It prevents unusually hot or cold spots in the home that can occur with poor circulation. By keeping the temperatures stable throughout the home, the heating and cooling units do not need to work as hard, saving energy and those costs.

How to install a ceiling fan

The ceiling fan installation process is relatively easy. By following a few simple steps, almost anyone can install a ceiling fan and enjoy the benefits of this device. However, it is important to stay safe throughout this process and have the right tools before beginning. The right tools include a Phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper and ladder. A drill with Phillips head bits can be used, as well. The next step is to shut off the power at the breaker box to prevent safety hazards.

Unpack new fan and remove old fixture

It is important to unpack the new ceiling fan before starting. This allows a person to identify all parts and read over any warnings and instruction. The old light fixture will need removed before beginning. Use a ladder to ensure easy access to the fixture. Next, remove the screws holding in the light fixture. While holding the light fixture, gently separate the wires of the light from the ceiling.

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Install new fan

Following the instructions that came with the fan is the best option for this process, as each unit can be different. However, most fans will involve installing a mounting bracket to the ceiling and ensuring the wires are through the proper area of the bracket. These wires may need the insulation removed with the wire stripper to allow access to the wires to attach the motor. After all instructions are followed, the fan should be ready to go.

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