A Dictionary Of Legislation (Oxford Dictionary Of Legislation) (Oxford Paperback Reference)

The version of Jacob’s Regulation Dictionary that we maintain in the Historical past Centre was published in 1782, but Giles Jacob first revealed his Lex constitutionis in 1719. Documents or objects which might be accepted by the court docket as evidence to help a case. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: a selected sum of money which has been agreed upon by the events to a lease (or other contract) as the quantity of damages to be paid by a party who has breached the agreement.

Declare brought by a defendant in a lawsuit against a co-defendant within the lawsuit. An settlement reached between a plaintiff and a defendant to resolve a lawsuit privately and with out a judge’s authorization or approval. A proceeding in a Court of regulation where one individual seeks a Courtroom Order for the enforcement of that particular person’s or company’s rights.

It implies that an individual accused of against the law is innocent till the choose or the jury decides that the proof presented on the trial proves that she or he committed the crime. A courtroom of law or the entire physique of judges who comprise a jurisdiction. A specialized dictionary masking terms used within the numerous branches of the legal career, as civil legislation, prison legislation, and company legislation.

Thus, the lawyers who assist them navigate these native laws must be outfitted with language their clients and in-house counsel can perceive. Secondly, this regulation dictionary might be an vital contribution to the native language and its authorized terminology.

Persons educated within the law who help judges or attorneys. The dictionary must be written specifically for its major customers: non-native audio system of English; e.g., at a B2 degree on the Council of Europe’s CEFR scale. For example, the entry for the legal term of art in Black’s Regulation Dictionary accommodates a definition and references two Supreme Courtroom opinions.…

3 Ways to Avoid Fighting With Your Ex-Spouse

After a divorce, tensions may run high. You could feel overwhelmed or constantly annoyed at your ex-spouse, which may lead to even more fights and disagreements.

Learning about how to avoid those arguments can help you both live a more peaceful life as co-parents.

1. Keep Personal Details Personal

Instead of getting into detail about how you currently feel or what you did this weekend, take a more formal approach to talking with your ex-spouse. Discuss only the details that you need to talk about, whether that is legal proceedings or childcare issues, and avoid sharing anything else.

You can even use text messages or emails to help yourself from oversharing. Instead of talking in person, you can type and edit what you want to say in a message so that you can choose to send it only once you’re completely sure that it says what you want it to say.

2. Honor the Parenting Plan

Letting your children stay up too late or eat ice cream for dinner may not seem like a huge problem in the moment, but those choices can cause tension between you and your ex-spouse. If you both made a parenting plan with your family law attorneys in Hernando County Florida, then you should honor what you wrote in there.

3. Leave Your Children Out of It

Using your children to talk to your ex-spouse for you or deliver messages can become a serious issue. If you and your ex-spouse do not communicate respectfully, then you both may end up harming your children by putting them in the middle of your arguments.

This can spark even more disagreement between the two of you, since you may want to win over your children so that they only agree with what you say. Taking a step back and learning to let go of your differences can help you both to become better co-parents.

How To Prove Medical Malpractice

Despite many years of schooling and training, doctors are humans and are prone to making mistakes. Fortunately for them, insurance companies are well paid to assist them in the event of a medical catastrophe that they might be linked to. Victims of medical malpractice might not even know they have a case at first and only after some time can they be certain of it. Speaking with a medical malpractice attorney could be a life-changing decision for people that have a dispute with their medical care provider.

How Can You Prove It?

Firstly, the patient needs to prove that the doctor had a professional obligation to care for them. Next, the alleged victim will need to prove that the doctor failed to adhere to that specific obligation and that the patient’s damages are a result of that specific failure. These things can be harder to prove than one might think. An attorney who knows medical malpractice Baltimore MD might be able to offer some wisdom during a free or low-cost consultation. If there is a case to pursue, then the attorney might agree to take on the case and push for a settlement or a trial.

How Can You Sue a Doctor?

Prior to suing the alleged offender, the victim will need to retain a medical expert who would be willing to testify in court. A medical malpractice lawyer should be able to assist with finding proper expert candidates whose testimony could hold weight in a courtroom.

How Long Before I Can No Longer Sue?

The statute of limitations in law jargon is basically the window of time before an injured party can no longer seek restitution through court. This makes it even more important to find an attorney as soon as the person realizes they might need to sue their doctor. Sometimes this limit on time can get confusing because most victims of medical negligence don’t realize their injury right away.

Issues Related to High Net Worth Divorces

When a couple going through a divorce has a high monetary value, their divorce is considered high-net worth. High net worth divorces still use the same legal principles and follow the same proceedings as divorces that are not high net worth. However, this is a more complicated process that requires the help of an experienced high net worth divorce lawyer. There are several issues that are normally seen in high net worth divorce cases including spousal support and division of assets.

Spousal Support

The one thing that the majority of high net worth divorce cases have in common is that one spouse is financially dependent on the other. If this sounds like your case, the spouse who is dependent may seek spousal support to meet their needs following the end of a marriage. Spousal support is commonly referred to as alimony in court. The time period and amount that the dependent spouse may receive shall be determined by either a court order or through an agreement.

Every state has different laws and regulations regarding spousal support. In some states, spousal support is not an automatic right. However, if a spouse wants to go after spousal support, he or she must prove that they are eligible. If a dependent spouse must prove their eligibility to obtain spousal support to the state, they must have been married at least 10 years. The spouse may also have a disability or the spouse must be caring for a disabled child of the marriage.

If the dependent spouse meets the requirements, the court will then order an amount that is 20% of the paying spouse’s monthly gross income or $5000, whichever is less. However, it is also possible that the spouses that are seeking a divorce come to an agreement on their own on spousal maintenance. This means the two can put together a contractual obligation that states that a certain amount will be paid in excess of the statutory limit a judge could order. If you go after spousal support that exceeds $5,000 a month, you can communicate this with your attorney to find how you both can come to an agreement on contractual alimony.

Assets Division

In divorce proceedings, all assets that are owned by the couple must be divided. In order to begin this process, you must first determine whether the property is considered separate property or community property. Any property that was purchased prior to your marriage, or was inherited is considered the separate property of the spouse who owned it. Property owned by both divorcing spouses is considered community property unless proven otherwise. Each spouse will be entitled to their separate property following the divorce.

The next step would be to divide the community property assets. This process is done by what is just and right, so it depends on a variety of favors. The custody of minor children, the respective rights of each spouse, and fault in the breakup of marriage such as criminal activity, adultery, or abuse.

Financial experts are typically involved to help divide assets in high net worth divorces. Every asset must be given a value. Each spouse must also show their bank statements and divide their accounts accordingly. This can be a very difficult process if the couple’s marital estate has high value or consists of other assets besides money.

This is why an attorney is needed. He or she will be able to advise the spouses on legal consequences that may result from dividing property. Your attorney will also be able to classify each asset as either separate or community. Experienced divorce attorneys in high net worth divorces have the knowledge and relationships with necessary experts. For example, a business valuation expert may be called in to analyze the worth of a business as well as the business interests of each party.

7 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom and fun that you cannot replicate in any other way. However, this does come with a risk, as motorcycles are involved in more accidents than cars. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in the United States.

1. Lane Changing

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, making it easy for a motorcycle to switch lanes. However, the bike will not be nearly as visible in the next lane. This is especially true when changing lanes in dense traffic or when other vehicles are on either side of the motorcycle. Motorcycle riders must be careful when switching lanes, even if it means waiting until the car next to them has passed to change lanes fully.

2. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is defined as motorcycle-riding between lanes of traffic to pass other vehicles. Some motorcycle riders feel like this is safer than switching lanes, as they are not crossing the path of other vehicles. However, motorcycle accidents can still occur when motorcycle riders are lane splitting, as they may be hit by other cars. Lane splitting is against the law in many states because it can cause motorcycle accidents, but motorcycle riders still try to do it anyway. Lane splitting is a serious offense in which you will need a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident.

3. Sudden Stop Rear-End

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, which means that motorcycle riders need to be more careful about sudden stops. Even stopping at a red light can cause motorcycle accidents, as motorcycle riders may not see the vehicle in front of them stopping. Motorcycle riders should keep a safe distance when following behind other cars.

4. High Speeds

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, which means motorcycle riders have less protection when they are in accidents. This also means that they can reach very high speeds, making it more difficult to stop quickly. These accidents frequently involve head-on collisions. Speeding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents, which can be even more dangerous for the motorcycle rider than for the driver of another vehicle. Motorcycle riders should keep their speed below the limit and stay between lanes whenever possible.

5. Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous for any driver or motorcycle rider. It is important to note that motorcycle accidents can still occur when the other driver is under the influence. This is because other vehicles are larger and are more likely to cause serious injuries when in a collision with a motorcycle.

6. Motorcycle Defects

All types of vehicles must meet certain safety standards, including motorcycles. Sometimes, motorcycle riders may be in accidents due to a defect in the bike, and this is one of the most dangerous causes of motorcycle accidents. If a motorcycle rider is in an accident due to a defect, they may suffer serious injuries.

7. Collision With Parked Car Doors

Motorcycle riders should be careful when passing other vehicles on the road, especially if there is a high traffic volume. It may be difficult to see a stopped car, especially if the rider is speeding and does not have much time to decide. Motorcycle riders need to look out for pedestrians and other vehicles besides a stopped vehicle when passing cars.

Motorcycle riders need to be aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety on the road. In case of an accident, they should consider consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer to help them throughout the legal processes involved.

What Consular Services Require an Attorney?

A consulate offers various consular services, from passport provision to birth registration. These services are aimed at visiting people or immigrants. You’ll also get different consular sections that issue foreigners visas to work, study, or visit the country. Coordinating with the various consular departments can be strenuous, meaning you’ll need an attorney. According to San Jose consular processing professionals, an attorney can offer the following consular services.

Visa Application

Various visa types, including employment, business, student, and tourist visas, are at your disposal. They permit you to be in the country for a specific reason or duration. Each permit requires particular attention or credentials. Usually, you’ll need to fill out different forms and meet specific requirements to get the ticket you desire.

Hiring an attorney will expedite the process, ensuring that you get your visa within a considerably short period. This lawyer will review your application, ensuring that you accurately capture all the required details. They will also help you meet every element on time and accurately. Remember, your chances of obtaining a visa will be lowered for two reasons: inaccurate details and incomplete submission.

In the same regard, you could rely on an attorney to help process a green card, allowing you to stay in the country for an extended period. This attorney will help you prepare a relatively solid application, including making intelligent decisions on your behalf. With their help, you can avoid costly and timely mistakes in the long run.


Acquiring citizenship is a relatively daunting process. While you might feel ready to become one, various elements could pose a challenge. Besides, this process could be so complicated that you will not maneuver effortlessly. Hiring a lawyer during your citizenship interview will be an excellent step in the right direction.

This attorney will provide insights into the interview and the citizenship acquisition process. This preparation improves your chances of securing citizenship after the interview. Notably, this interview is rigorous, meaning that you must be fully prepared.

At the same time, you could decide to give up your citizenship at the consulate. An excellent attorney will guide you on this process, including highlighting the repercussions. The insights provided will help you make a more informed decision.

Naturalization is yet another service you get under citizenship. An excellent lawyer understands the various immigration and naturalization laws, meaning they will guide you accordingly.


Various intricacies are involved in getting a suitable job in any new country. You’ll need to have multiple documentation to prove that you are in the country legally. Most of these documents are found in the consulate. Yet, you cannot be too sure about which ones are necessary. A blind approach could jeopardize your pursuit of the right job.

A consular attorney will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have all the correct documents. You could also rely on them as guarantors, backing you up whenever necessary. In addition, they will indicate the various legal obligations and rights that you should access.

Protection Against Deportation

Multiple reasons can cause deportation. Deportation is often communicated to the consulate, making it one of its roles. However, getting legal help before this deportation suffices will be an excellent move. An immigration lawyer will help identify whether the charges against you are correct, sometimes asking for a lesser punitive measure. The goal is to protect you against this harsh treatment. However, you need to improve your odds of winning the case by investing in an experienced attorney.

In summary, various consular services might require the services of an experienced attorney. All you need to do is choose a reliable one, get value for money.…

What Constitutes An Amicable Divorce

When couples part on good terms and the spouses both want to divorce, an amicable divorce seems to go without saying. However, although the context presents itself in a favorable light, disagreements, even conflicts, can appear between the spouses during the procedure and constitute an obstacle to a divorce by mutual consent. In such a case, the spouses’ lawyers play an essential role in defusing the conflict and attempting to negotiate in order to achieve an amicable divorce as planned. This is less obvious, but still possible.

Conflicting Divorce

In the case of conflicting divorce, the idea of divorce by mutual consent sometimes seems out of reach. Yet even if the circumstances seem unlikely to bring the spouses to agree, nothing is impossible. The latter can indeed understand that it is in their interest to temper their positions in order to find an agreement that can satisfy them. Here again, the lawyers for the spouses play a key role in the discussions that may take place.

The Exceptions

There are exceptions to be aware of. It is not possible to divorce without a judge if the file includes a foreign element, that is when international law applies. This is the case, for example, if at least one of the two spouses is a foreigner or lives abroad. The aim here is to avoid subsequently any challenge to the divorce abroad and any difficulty in enforcing the consequences of the divorce (custody of children, division of property, etc.).

Similarly, if a minor child wishes to be heard by the judge – the procedure provides for asking his opinion – then an amicable divorce without a judge will not be possible either. Even by mutual consent, a divorce involving an adult under guardianship or curatorship will also have to go before the judge.

The Lawyer

Your divorce lawyer is your best ally in the event that you are thinking about a divorce. This is why it is essential to choose your lawyer well, especially in the context of an amicable divorce, which is considered an “ideal divorce.” Indeed, your counsel will try to overcome the obstacles that will arise during the procedure and it will be your best option to increase your chances of reaching a fair agreement.

The Ideal Solution

An amicable divorce could be the ideal solution. Divorce by mutual consent is completely diverted, which means that the judge no longer intervenes in the context of the procedure, which is entirely carried out through the intermediary of the 2 lawyers and possibly the intervening notaries.

Indeed, the spouses turn to lawyers for the drafting of a divorce agreement that will deal with all the effects of the divorce. The parties and their lawyers sign this agreement and then file it with a notary so that he can register it among his “Minutes” (notarial deed) which will give it both a certain date and enforceability.

Separate Lawyers

Today, divorce by mutual consent is the only option to benefit from this simplified procedure, without any recourse to the judge (except for the exceptions mentioned above), which makes it particularly attractive. In return, where previously a single lawyer could represent the 2 spouses, under the supervision of the judge, today each spouse must have their own lawyer, in order to avoid pressure and preserve the balance between the spouses.

Choosing a Lawyer

Choosing a divorce lawyer will save you time. He will listen actively and will ask you the right questions from the outset in order to better understand your situation and your issues. Once he has a better understanding of the situation, he may recommend mediation to calm the situation and attempt an amicable procedure. In some cases, a divorce lawyer will accompany you at the launch of the divorce procedure, presenting you with all the options available to you.…