Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual Property Laws

“Intellectual property” is a term with which many people are familiar, but are often unaware of the full meaning. In short, an intellectual property is a “creation of the mind” over which an individual or corporation holds a legal monopoly. “Intellectual property” is also used to refer to the field of law that handles the legal implications and protections of these monopolies. The main goal of these laws is to uphold the exclusive rights the creator of an intellectual property holds over their works, which are much more far reaching than many people realize.

Copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, music, art, and literature are all examples of types of intellectual properties. In order to avoid violating applicable laws, it’s important to understand what the more obscure of some of these terms mean.

Copyright is a group of rights reserved for the creator of an original work. It includes the ability to legally copy, change, and distribute the work. After a set amount of time, a work protected by copyright enters the “public domain,” freeing it from the restrictions of its former legal status.

A trademark is an image, symbol, phrase, or other distinctive mark used to represent a person, group, or brand. Trademarks exist as both registered and unregistered legal entities, though enforcement of infringement laws differ depending on the status of the mark in question. “Service mark” is a term used to distinguish a trademark that relates to services instead of products. Infringement cases are subject to limit by the “fair use” defense, which allow the use of others’ trademarks if they are being used to accurately describe a product or to identify the mark’s owner.

Patents are designed to protect an inventor’s rights to their work for a certain amount of time in exchange for their disclosure of that invention to the public. The terms of the patent give the inventor the right to keep other people or individuals from profiting off of their work for the length of the patent (generally 20 years).

Trade secrets are formulas, processes, instruments, or other information that give one business an advantage over their competition. These secrets can be protected through non-compete and non-disclosure contracts with employees, but once they are discovered, other parties are not prevented from using the information.

If you are facing charges for violating intellectual property laws, you may want to seek the advice of an experienced legal counselor. The details of such cases can be very complicated, and you deserve to have your rights fully protected.

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Punitive Damages and Personal Injury Cases in Indiana

Serious injuries lead to serious expenses and often serious life changes as well. In a single moment, your life takes a drastic turn that leads to things like the loss of wages, enormous medical expenses, extended medical needs, and other types of damages. The situation may occur from medical malpractice, a car accident, or even a defective product.

The results are the same. Someone is injured, and their lives are altered in many ways. In the case of a personal injury case, the person who was injured could seek damages for any financial losses that are related to this injury. The financial recourse is known as compensatory damages. In Indiana, you are also entitled to punitive damages.

Hiring a Carmel personal injury lawyer is the best option for your case. They can help you navigate the law and the court system to ensure that you receive the damages and compensation that you deserve.

Punitive Damages Explained

Punitive damages are defined as damages provided to a plaintiff, or victim, in order to receive justice for reckless or malicious behavior on the part of another person. The intent is to ensure the guilty party is held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof) and discouraged from ever making that mistake again.

Punitive damages are awarded in monetary means. Indiana’s policy is to award the victim 25% of any awarded punitive damages. The remainder of a settlement is awarded to the Violent Crimes Victim Compensation Fund in order to assist victims of violent crimes with various expenses they may encounter.

Awarding of Punitive Damages

As is the case with just about any legal situation, the plaintiff is tasked with proving gross negligence, fraud, reckless behavior, or malicious intent of the defendant. This means that in order to be awarded damages for your personal injury case, you will need to prove the claims you are making.

Typically, if the defendant can prove that they didn’t mean to cause harm, you will not be awarded punitive damages from this case. The plaintiff takes on the burden of proof, which is where hiring an experienced attorney will be beneficial. You and your lawyer will have to provide clear and convincing evidence of your claims.

In addition, your case will need to include an argument for why these damages are necessary on the basis of this personal injury case against the defendant.

Limitations to Punitive Damages

There are certain situations in which Indiana law does not allow you to seek punitive damages, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Lack of willful misconduct

While those may be cause for a different type of claim, they do not fall under the limitations of punitive damages.

A wrongful death case is considered to be a civil case in the state of Indiana. These can be considered civil cases, but no punitive damages will be awarded. This has to do specifically with the Indiana statute that prohibits it.

If you have a case that doesn’t have blatant willful misconduct represented in it, then the case is not eligible for punitive damages. The intent behind punitive damages is when there is negligence or willful misconduct involved. The plaintiff needs to be able to prove that the defendant was reckless or negligent and that they knew their actions could cause injury or harm.

Punitive Damage Amounts

Indiana has limitations on the amount of punitive damages that can be sought. The state law places a cap at $50,000 or up to three times the amount of compensatory damages – whichever is higher.

When a case is brought to trial, the judge is not allowed to disclose these caps to the jury, but if the jury rests on a higher amount than the limit, the judge can reduce it. The reason for this capping point is that punitive damages are designed to be something of a punishment for the defendant for doing wrong. The intent is that this will be a lesson to not repeat the error.

The law provides compensation to the victim while also providing some level of protection to the defendant, as well. Punitive damages are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon. Compensatory damages are a different matter and more likely to be “guaranteed” from a case.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer for Punitive Damage Cases

When you feel as though you have a case that is eligible for punitive damages, hire an experienced Carmel personal injury lawyer to take your case. They will be able to best advise you, as well as gather the pertinent information for the case. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to assist with compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages.

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A Criminal Attorney Can Ensure Your Rights Remain Protected

A Criminal Attorney Can Ensure Your Rights Remain Protected

Anyone who is a defendant in a court case needs good representation. Such a person can be found with a Las Vegas defense attorney. Whether the case involves a crime, misrepresentation, libel or something else that is going to cause a problem one must be able to defend themselves. It is by having an expert, in the field, on one’s side that a winning decision can be reached.

If a court case is lost it can mean going to jail, losing a great deal of money or other things. This can not only be soul shattering but ruin a person’s life as well. This is why it is imperative that one be prepared to face the charges and defend themselves.

There are so many areas of the law that it would be impossible for one person to know everything. For that reason many have split off into different areas. Having an attorney that specializes in the area of the law involved in one’s case is imperative if one is to prevail in the case.

Hours of study, law school and researching past cases for decisions are all part of becoming a lawyer. In order to pass the state bar examination and receive a license, an attorney must have a thorough knowledge of the law. This is the kind of person who makes a good defense attorney.

An attorney cannot determine the possibility of winning a case if he or she does not have all the facts. Therefore, the client should present all papers and a written detail of dates, times and what happened at the first interview. With this information the attorney will be able to determine a course of action.

Sometimes, to uncover additional information regarding a case, the attorney may hire a private investigator. This person will investigate places, talk to various people and, in general, try to uncover information that will assist the attorney in winning the case. Often times small things, that seemed unimportant at the time, that can make or break a case. Many times this has turned a case in favor of the defendant.

Anything to do with having to go to court is stressful. To ease the mind of the defendant a good attorney will make a weekly report on the case’s progress. This report can be made by telephone, email or written reports and it keeps everyone on track. These reports can be very simple or in detail but the defendant should be kept informed of costs as well as progress.

Having the very best Las Vegas criminal attorney is essential to winning a court case. They will come to court thoroughly prepared with all the facts and evidence necessary to win. This is very reassuring to the client when they see all the preparations and evidence that is ready to be presented. As the case progressed, the defendant will soon realize that he or she has a real expert on their side who is presenting their case in a forceful and compelling manner.…