Harvard Law School (HLS)

After months of student protests, Harvard Regulation College could soon cease utilizing its official image, a protect primarily based on the crest of an 18th-century slaveholder whose donation paid for the primary professorship of law at the university. Harvard Legislation School is one of the preeminent centers of authorized education in the world. In a pilot program positive to be noted by universities throughout the nation, Harvard Regulation Faculty will enable applicants to submit GRE scores rather than LSAT scores.

He praised the employees, alumni, and college students of Harvard regulation, but also remembered that the school was based by Isaac Royall, a slave owner. Back after I went in law school, the conventionally smart would explain that, the truth is, LSAT scores predict bar exam outcomes.

As of this fall, juniors from any faculty who are accepted to the regulation college can benefit from the program. I came to HLS to benefit from the super opportunities accessible for students who want to pursue entrepreneurship and non-conventional legal careers.

Of their letter to Minow on behalf of the Harvard Company, Faust and Lee stated that whereas the corporation accepts the school’s request to vary the symbol, the college doesn’t want to shrink back from the shield’s history, extended use, and ties to slavery.

So, when you get right down to it, while it’s true I went to Harvard Legislation Faculty, I have to be honest in telling you that I didn’t attend Harvard Regulation School and I readily admit there’s a vital difference between went and attend.…

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring an Expert Witness

Sometimes court cases include a lot of complicated data and evidence that requires an expert to understand its meaning and explain it to the rest of the courtroom. If you are an attorney who thinks your case could benefit from an expert witness, avoiding these mistakes will help you choose the right one for your situation.

1. Skipping the Resume

When you ask for a resume from potential witnesses, verify the information on it. Make sure your witness has the degrees and experiences he claims, and verify any licenses or certifications are up to date. If you put someone on the stand at a trial, the other side is sure to be diligent in verifying his information. A witness with a fake resume makes you look unprofessional and is sure to cost your case.

2. Hiring an Academic Professional

Colleges and universities look good on the resume of an expert witness finance, but only if used right. If someone went to school to learn accounting or earn another degree relying heavily on finance, that’s great. What did your witness do after that, though? People on both sides of the courtroom agree that a witness who actively works in the field each day is preferable to a jury than one who simply spent a lot of time in school. The head of a finance company has likely seen a lot more out-of-the-norm financial situations than a finance professor who only teaches from the book.

3. Choosing a Witness Without an Interview

The right credentials and perfect amount of experience won’t be helpful if your expert witness doesn’t do well on the stand. Have you ever had stage fright at a talent show and clammed up or otherwise messed up your speaking parts? Imagine if one of your witnesses did that on the stand. If the person you hire doesn’t have a history of helping to win cases already, ensure you do an in-person interview with him and practice what will happen in the courtroom.

Remember, the best expert witness isn’t always the most expensive, nor is it the person who charges the least. Interview several people and verify their credentials before choosing the one who will best help your case.…

Remember These Basic Gun Safety Tips Before Buying Your Next Firearm

There are many common reasons for an individual to choose to exercise his or her right to bear a firearm. From personal protection to hunting, each gun owner should have a clear and precise understanding of what that weapon can do and how to best handle that potentially deadly power. Each manufacturer has strengths and weaknesses while every type of gun comes with unique responsibilities. In more general terms, however, there are a few things anyone can do to make gun ownership a safer and more effective prospect. Continue reading for three concepts to always have in mind.

Keep Your Storage Safe and Secure

Wherever people decide to store their firearms should meet a couple of basic requirements. A safe of any kind should be incredibly difficult for someone to enter without permission while being relatively simple for an authorized owner to retrieve in an emergency. Those who choose to conceal weapons Miami FL, or in any community, should look for a holster or similar device that will provide similar features.

Keep Yourself Informed and Trained

Though a gun can be deadly in the wrong hands, it is only a tool. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone handling one has sufficient knowledge and experience. This can come through training courses and plenty of practice in a supervised environment.

Keep Your Weapons Clean and Maintained

Another part of being a responsible gun owner includes excellent care for the guns themselves. From cleaning them as recommended to properly installing any aftermarket accessories, the desired performance of any firearm is in large part up to its owner.
No matter why an individual wants to buy a first gun just the latest in a collection, it is a decision no one should take lightly. Ensure the most reliably safe environment possible by following the steps outlined above.…

Why Your Business Needs Private Security

When managing a business, there is nothing more important than safety. One must assure that buildings, employees and clients are protected from outside criminal threats at all times. Business owners need to know that properties and employees are safe and that there is someone on-site to handle issues as needed. This task can seem impossible and overwhelming, which is why private security is a much-needed addition to any business.

Be Proactive About Crime Prevention

Image is everything, especially when it comes to crime prevention. A business, neighborhood, or city that looks disheveled and unkempt is more likely to attract criminal behavior. Being proactive makes all the difference. Even simple security measures such as surveillance cameras and warning signs can make a building less susceptible to break-ins and robberies. However, to make things even safer, you should know that criminals typically want an easy target, and they will avoid places that have security guards in Detroit.

Create Peace of Mind

Employees want to know that they are safe whenever they enter the building for work. Even the sight of a security guard or concierge puts them more at ease and assures them they will be protected. Clients feel more welcomed and are more likely to return if they know the business takes its security seriously.

Partner With Local Authorities

As an additional measure, security personnel can partner with local law enforcement. Doing so assures that any threat or dangerous person will be handled quickly and legally according to local police procedures. Business owners cannot handle legal issues alone and need to avoid liability that could hurt their credibility. A trained security guard has the skills and qualifications to resolve the problem properly, and you can rest easy knowing that they will do so in accordance with police jurisdiction.

Safety and security are top priorities for a business. Employees and clients can flourish when they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are protected.…

3 Helpful Job Search Tips for New Grads

You’ve put in the hard work to receive your college degree, but what is your next step? Job hunting after graduation can be a challenging task. Here are three great tips that can make the process much easier and help you secure your first job!

1. Learn to Network

In today’s fast-paced world, getting a job can sometimes be all about who you know. Reach out to the connections you’ve made during your studies and attend local networking events to expand your circle of professional contacts. Exchange social media information so you can stay in touch. Don’t underestimate the power of good networking – the connection you make today can lead to a great job in the future!

2. Consult a Placement Service

If you’re looking to streamline the process of job hunting, consider contacting a placement service to match you with potential jobs that would work well with your education, skills and experience. Consult with a professional placement service Long Beach NY to find the the career opportunity that best fits your background and needs.

3. Take Advantage of the Internet

The internet is such a rich source for job hunting – you can search for job leads, post your resume. Cull job search engines for job listings that match your skill set and experience. In addition, be sure to make a variety of social media profiles to improve your online presence. Many companies today look to social media profiles as a way to get to know potential employees, so be sure to make a great first impression by creating a comprehensive social media presence.

Finding your first job doesn’t have to be a daunting task, so it’s important to take advantage of all resources at your disposal. By following these tips, you’ll be able to secure the job of your dreams and continue to achieve your goals!…

7 Tips for Preventing Falls and Injuries to Seniors

The physical changes that adults go through as they age can make basic living tasks a little bit harder and sometimes more dangerous. Seniors that lose footing and fall have a higher risk of serious injury than younger adults and children. Bone fractures can result in extended hospital stays, slow healing and a greater chance of contracting an infection. Seniors and caregivers can take steps to prevent falling by using these tips:

1. Assess Risk

Seniors can examine things like health conditions and past experiences with the help of their doctors to determine if they have a higher risk of falling. Adjustments like eliminating unnecessary medications with dizzying side effects might help.

2. Be Aware in Public Areas

Most public establishments do their best to avoid fighting a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD; however, there is always a risk of an unsafe environment. Avoiding wet floors and dark passageways might help prevent a slip from happening.

3. Use Balance Aids

Simple balance aids like a cane or walker may significantly decrease the chances of falling. Domestic fixtures like taller toilets and handrails often help make slippery bathrooms safer.

4. Exercise

Physical movement can be beneficial for seniors in maintaining balance and coordination. A regular practice like tai chi can also help keep muscles flexible and strong.

5. Leave the Lights On

Seniors should develop the proper practice of turning lights on whenever they enter a room. Installing hallway nightlights is a good idea so they don’t accidentally trip on what they can’t see.

6. Get Slip-Resistant Footwear

Wearing well-fitting shoes or slippers with flat, rubber soles at all times helps the foot stay sturdy on the floor. Loose-fitting sandals and heels could lead to slipping or stumbling.

7. Straighten Up the Home

Keeping hallways and stairs uncluttered is important for safety. Adding non-slip mats can eliminate many potential fall hazards.

Slips and falls are a significant contributor to injury hospitalizations in elderly adults, and the healing process often takes quite a bit longer. Fortunately, awareness of surroundings and a little assistance may help prevent many accidents.…

What Is the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawsuits involve a claim by one person that another person caused them injury or damaged their property. This is a civil matter, which means a person found guilty will not face jail time. Rather punishments are usually monetary.

It is possible to represent yourself in a personal injury case, but it is usually better if you hire a personal injury lawyer who can assist you in many ways.

What a Lawyer Can Do

Your personal injury lawyer can help you to put together your case or your defense. He or she has the knowledge of the law to find strengths in your case and to notice weaknesses. Your lawyer then can build a case to help you increase your chances of winning in court. Having an attorney on your side can protect you from losing everything to a high judgment or ending up with nothing if you are the victim.

A lawyer can also assist with fighting injustice. If you think a law needs changing or there is other legal legislation Tallahassee FL that you wish to change, your lawyer can help you put together an argument and make change happen.

Attorney At Law Magazine explains your attorney also is able to guide you through the process. Depending on the case, you may have suffered a serious loss from the incident. You may not be able to handle the requirements and the demands of taking a case to court on your own. Your lawyer provides moral support and assistance to make the whole process easier on you.

Hiring a Lawyer

If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, you should at least consult with an attorney. Even if you do not end up hiring them, you can at least get some upfront advice and make an informed decision about whether or not to hire a lawyer.…