7 Tips for Preventing Falls and Injuries to Seniors

The physical changes that adults go through as they age can make basic living tasks a little bit harder and sometimes more dangerous. Seniors that lose footing and fall have a higher risk of serious injury than younger adults and children. Bone fractures can result in extended hospital stays, slow healing and a greater chance of contracting an infection. Seniors and caregivers can take steps to prevent falling by using these tips:

1. Assess Risk

Seniors can examine things like health conditions and past experiences with the help of their doctors to determine if they have a higher risk of falling. Adjustments like eliminating unnecessary medications with dizzying side effects might help.

2. Be Aware in Public Areas

Most public establishments do their best to avoid fighting a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD; however, there is always a risk of an unsafe environment. Avoiding wet floors and dark passageways might help prevent a slip from happening.

3. Use Balance Aids

Simple balance aids like a cane or walker may significantly decrease the chances of falling. Domestic fixtures like taller toilets and handrails often help make slippery bathrooms safer.

4. Exercise

Physical movement can be beneficial for seniors in maintaining balance and coordination. A regular practice like tai chi can also help keep muscles flexible and strong.

5. Leave the Lights On

Seniors should develop the proper practice of turning lights on whenever they enter a room. Installing hallway nightlights is a good idea so they don’t accidentally trip on what they can’t see.

6. Get Slip-Resistant Footwear

Wearing well-fitting shoes or slippers with flat, rubber soles at all times helps the foot stay sturdy on the floor. Loose-fitting sandals and heels could lead to slipping or stumbling.

7. Straighten Up the Home

Keeping hallways and stairs uncluttered is important for safety. Adding non-slip mats can eliminate many potential fall hazards.

Slips and falls are a significant contributor to injury hospitalizations in elderly adults, and the healing process often takes quite a bit longer. Fortunately, awareness of surroundings and a little assistance may help prevent many accidents.

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