What Exactly Does a Criminal and Business Lawyer Do for the Society?

What Exactly Does a Criminal and Business Lawyer Do for the Society?

Criminal law is governed by the jurisdictions of the particular state or nation. It is that branch of law that deals with criminal offenses, i.e. of guilty acts and offenses that can be proved before the court. Criminal attorneys or criminal defense lawyers when employed by courts are called public defenders. Normally, it’s the younger generation attorneys, just out of law school and looking for some serious court room experience who take up such positions.

When employing a criminal attorney, it is necessary to establish whether the said person has been in the profession long enough to gain the required experience to deal with your case. In the US, it’s necessary to engage someone who has knowledge of the laws and jurisdictions of the particular state the case is filed. Criminal attorneys deal with a vast array of cases such as white collar crimes, sex crimes, crimes of violent nature, those related to drugs etc.

Criminal law has become so specialized that you need to find attorneys dealing with any one branch for better representation. The job of a Criminal attorney is challenging because they deal with people who have committed heinous crimes like molestation, murder, rape etc. and they have to set aside their personal judgment and defend their crimes in court.

Business lawyers or legal advisers help organizations and individuals to carry on their trade in accordance with federal rules and regulations. Most business lawyers set up their own firms or operate as consultants. Some of them hold government jobs as well. Such legal advisers help an organization to draw up legal contracts binding their employees to keep trade secrets and sometimes not to leave the firm without proper notice or only after a stipulated amount of time.

The role of a business attorney is quite versatile. Every new step the firm takes in terms of trade, acquisitions, mergers, shareholders, equities etc has to be reported to the business lawyer who will guide them in related legal issues. However careful a business can be, there are risks of law suits being slapped upon them with regard to malpractices, ownership issues, tax issues etc. Only a qualified legal adviser will know how to get the business through such hardships in the most feasible way possible.

The help of business attorneys may also be sought by the employees in an organization to deal with issues like compensation issues, suspension/dismissal etc from their jobs without proper notice or reason etc. Thus the role of a business lawyer in the successful functioning of an organization is great.

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