the realm of law, women are not less than men who are famous for their intelligence and courage. Want to know who are famous female lawyers from around the world? These are 10 of them, summarized from various sources.

1. Laura Wasser

Laura Allison Wasser is known as a divorce lawyer whose services are widely used by Hollywood celebrity couples, including Robyn Gibson, Kate Walsh, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Kiefer Sutherland. Wasser has also filled the profile pages in leading magazines such as Elle and Vogue, even played a role as a consultant in Wild Liar movie.

2. Fiona Shackleton
Fiona Shackleton
The famous lawyer who lives in London, has a client of important people in England, ranging from royal families such as Prince Andrew, and Prince Charles, to renowned musicians, Paul Mccartney and Madonna. For his legal services, Fiona withdraws a minimum of £ 550 per hour or about Rp6,600,000.

3. Stacy D. Phillips
Lawyers and authors who are on the ‘Super Lawyer’ list all over the world, have handled many cases of celebrity households worldwide. Some names that had been his clients, such as Bobby Brown, Erin Everly, Darryl Strawberry, Charlie Shanian, and others. Stacy Phillips also once represented the Britney Spears family of legal issues.

Gloria Allred

American lawyers are known to take controversial cases, especially those relating to women’s rights. Allred is also known for his criticism of pop singer Michael Jackson, he wrote to the California Institute for Child Protection and CNN on an investigation into the safety of Jackson’s children.

5. Karen DeCrow

Lawyers, writers, activists and supporters of the feminist movement, Karen DeCrow is renowned for his struggle in supporting civil rights, women’s rights and gender equality. Karen has also pressured NASA to recruit women as astronauts.

6. Shadi Sadr
Shadi Sadr is a well-known lawyer and women’s rights activist from Iran. His famous case is his struggle against the practice of capital punishment by stoning against adulterers in Iran which has been criticized internationally. Even Sadr was arrested by the civilian-clad apparatus in Iran for his actions.

7. Cherie Blair

The woman born in 1954 who is married to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is publicly known for his struggle on gender discrimination as well as his case of public law that has represented prosecutors against the British government.

8. Charlotte E. Ray
The graduate of Howard University Law School is the first black American female lawyer. Initially, few had entrusted his case with this African-American lawyer, but the woman born in 1850 proved her existence by winning cases of women’s rights and discrimination. Now his name is immortalized at Law School of Northeastern University (Boston) in 2006.

9. Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Former first lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton was twice listed as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America. The Yale Law School graduate also has a role in the adoption of the Adoption and Family Safe Act, as well as the Family Self-Reliance Act in America.

10. Carol Moseley-Braun
Moseley-Braun was the first African-American woman to be elected senator and democrat in the United States. As a lawyer and politician, Moseley Braun took part in the Crosby trial versus the State Council Elections and sued the council for the benefit of African American descendants.

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