3 Common Causes Of Divorce Currently

There are generally several reasons why a couple of divorces (which is why percentages for answers add up to more than 100%), and those reasons are frequently linked. Extramarital affairs, for example, are more likely when people are having other problems in their marriage, and communication problems worsen concerns like money disagreements. Another aggravating element is that couples frequently argue about what precipitated their split.

Social scientists, other researchers, and divorce attorneys have long examined what causes divorce. Some have looked at easily quantifiable characteristics that increase the likelihood of divorce, such as the age at which people marry. On the other hand, other studies have gone straight to the source, asking divorced persons why they believe their marriages failed.

The causes of the divorce depend totally on the couples involved and cannot be generally outlined. It differs from one person to the other. However, there are common reasons collected that mainly lead to divorce.

Incompatibility and Separation

Divorce attorneys in Fort Worth agreed on “irreconcilable differences” as the essential premise for no-fault divorce was right. When asked why they divorced, a sizable number of divorcees say something along the lines of “we grew apart,” “we drifted away,” or “we were just incompatible” (up to 55 percent in one study). Other divorce causes mentioned in numerous research, like incompatibility, might be included in this notion. A lack of shared values, getting married at an early age (which makes growing apart more likely), sexual troubles, and religious differences.

Of course, many partners accept, even enjoy, their differences. However, most successful relationships are built on a foundation of shared (or at least overlapping) interests, objectives, and values. Outward indicators of incompatibility frequently coexist with other typical grounds for divorce, and abysmal communication, which comes next on the list.

Communication Issues

Around 50% of participants in several studies mentioned poor communication as a factor for divorce, such as arguing too often and not being able to communicate with one another. Again, conversation issues can be the root of different grounds for divorce, such as disagreements about money and family duties.

It’s easy to notice when you’re constantly bickering with your partner. Even if the confrontations aren’t as frequent or as heated, keep an eye out for recurring debates about the same topic or differences that never seem to be addressed. That might indicate that you need help learning how to communicate more successfully with each other, possibly via couple counseling.

Extramarital Relationships

Although infidelity was included in every study we looked at, its prevalence among the causes of divorce ranged from roughly 30% in one study to 70% in others.

This extensive range may reflect that at least some divorced persons regard an affair as the last straw in a long line of marital issues. Those other issues might be why someone seeks closeness, excitement, or diversion outside of the marriage—or even an unconscious attempt to provoke the other spouse into calling the wedding off.

If you are currently starting the divorce process, the divorce attorneys in Fort Worth assure you of top-notch legal services.

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