3 Reasons to Pick Top Atlanta Tax Attorney like Alex Mitchell, Esq.

More often than not, the tax report ends late or wrong. A lot of people struggle with this problem in their lives. The report must be filed each year. It’s complex and hard to do it, so people often see this as something they do without any joy.

When you do something unwillingly, it’s understandable that you might do a mistake or completely forget about having an obligation to finish it until a certain date. If you’re due just one day, the IRS will come knocking on your door. Learn more about filing taxes on the link.

Not literally, of course, but they’ll definitely send you a notice for being late. This draws a punishment and in some cases, being late with your report or not filing it at all, might result in jail time.

Since no one wants to go to jail, they hire an attorney to defend them in the court of law. When it comes to tax issues, you need a tax attorney who is skilled and professional in handling these types of problems. They are different than the lawyers we see in drama movies because their work is more advising and paperwork, but they are still skilled enough to get you out of problems.

When you’re choosing someone to represent you in front of the law, you should only choose the best. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly why you need the best one. Read on if you want to know the reasons why the best tax attorney is needed for something like this.

1. Avoid jail time

When you face a serious problem like the possibility to go to jail, you know that there’s no room for playing games. You need someone who knows exactly what is doing. You need someone who knows exactly how to get you out of the problem and prevent the authorities from arresting you for fraud.

Being arrested for fraud is a serious crime. You can consider most of your life as you know it finished. You’ll end up with a criminal record and you might get seized with some or most of your belongings. If you end up in jail and get out of it with nothing in your possession, you can consider yourself on the bottom.

That’s why you must pick the best Atlanta tax lawyer to represent you. This person will find a solution to your problem.

2. Saving money

In most cases, money is something that’s on the line. If you’re individual and you did no crime on purpose, the chances to end up in jail are almost non-existing with a good lawyer.

The real problem is money. In many cases, the IRS might need you to do the report once more to prove that you paid all the taxes and you’re not a criminal. However, since the calculation is often too complex for ordinary people, you’ll need a person who knows exactly what is doing.

On top of this, the top-notch attorney will handle everything else that comes with filing a complaint about the IRS decision, will know what exactly must be done to avoid additional problems.

Most people in situations like these are thinking that it’s not logical to pay the attorney a fee for something that they can do on their own and for a sum that’s no bigger than the money paying to the lawyer. What they don’t understand is that the money paying to the lawyer is for finishing the entire job.

If they do this on their own, they’ll need to write complaints, attend hearings, and all kinds of other things that take away money and more importantly time. What happens if you’re working in a company that requires your full attention? You need to be on the scheduled hearing, but you must be at work too. You’ll lose your job over the fact that you didn’t want to hire a lawyer. See here why hiring a lawyer is a must: https://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/taxes/articles/2018-10-02/do-you-need-a-tax-attorney.

3. Learning

When you hire a professional, skilled, and experienced tax attorney, you get a person who will be there for you. They will give you advice on many different issues which means you’ll be able to learn a lot about handling the tax problems.

Hiring the best one means that you’ll master the craft for the years to come. If you avoid the problem one time, and you hire a person who really knows what is doing, then every next year will be no problem for you. If you had to hire an accountant before, now you’ll only need to remember what you and the tax lawyer were talking about.

The little tricky things of the business will be behind you. You’ll be able to do everything on your own. This will save you additionally for spending money on accountants and will also save you a lot of time for filling in the reports that used to be such a problem for you.

If you follow the advice of your lawyer in detail, you’ll also be able to learn everything about the problem in detail. The more you learn, the fewer problems you’ll have in the future.

If you manage to get out of the situation this time, be sure that there will be no problem to handle the issue in the future. You’ll know precisely what to do next year and the year after that, and the years that follow. Information is power and people don’t say this just like that. It’s true. See more about this here.


These three points are telling you exactly what it means to hire an amazing tax attorney. These guys are helpful not just for solving an existing problem, but they are excellent for time to come. You’ll be able to learn so much from them, but more importantly, you’ll get out of the problem with ease.

Those who are inexperienced or poor in skills will struggle to do everything right. You might lose more than you hoped to win. That’s why choosing the best is a must.

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