Breathalyzer Tests And DUI

Breathalyzer Tests And DUI

You should make contact with a DUI lawyer immediately if you’ve been arrested as a result of DUI and were given a breathalyzer test. If you are charged and found guilty of DUI, there may be serious consequences. Driving under the influence shows a complete disregard for the lives of others on the streets. Because of this, a Driving Under the Influence conviction can carry along with it stiff penalties that include time in jail and fines. Competent legal representation is required for all DUI defendants if they wish to see a successful outcome to their cases. One of the tools the police will use to determine intoxication is something known as a breathalyzer.

How Does A Breathalyzer Work?

A breathalyzer is simply an instrument that analyzes your breath to ascertain the amount of blood alcohol within your body. Normally the field sobriety test which is administered on the side of the highway when you’re stopped on suspicion of DUI is the breathalyzer test. You’ll exhale straight into the breathalyzer device, then an electrochemical fuel cell is used to recognize if there is any alcohol contained in the exhaled air. The results of the test are used to determine if you are intoxicated or not. Those same results can definitely impact the case against you when you are arrested for drunk driving.

It is likely that you’ll be given a breathalyzer test should you be stopped on suspicion of DUI. You’re legally required to take this test if you’re requested to do this by the peace officer, and refusing to do so may cause you to be arrested anyway. You will be charged with DUI and brought into jail in the event you fail the breathalyzer test. Your driver’s license is going to be suspended and will not be reinstated until you get a hearing together with the Department of Motor Vehicles. These are just two of the results of failing a breathalyzer or refusing to undergo a breathalyzer test.

Breathalyzer Tests And Your DUI Case

The results of your DUI case and whether the prosecution convicts you of DUI will be influenced heavily by the lawyer you will choose to advocate for you. A good outcome is directly related to your defense that your DUI lawyer puts on for the case. A potential defense to DUI is to investigate the apparatus which was utilized to administer the breathalyzer, and to question the results of your test. Breathalyzer equipment is not foolproof. The breathalyzer device is quite sensitive and needs to be maintained properly on a regular schedule to work perfectly. If maintenance of the breathalyzer was overlooked or if it wasn’t cared for in the way that the manufacturer intended, then your attorney has got an opportunity to challenge the test results. There are also some substances that can give erroneous results for the breathalyzer. Whenever your lawyer is formulating your case he will delve into all instances that might be true for you personally.

Whenever You Speak To A DUI Lawyer

You will need to contact your DUI lawyer as early as you possibly can once you have been arrested. Never give any statements for the officer that arrests you or any other investigators when your lawyer is not present. Whatever you say can absolutely impact the way your DUI case winds up.

Breathalyzer tests may be a cornerstone in the prosecution’s DUI case against you. Discussing the options for defense along with your DUI lawyer is essential to the favorable results of your case.

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