Common Examples of Negligence Cases

When you’re the Victim of Negligence

The sad fact is that if ever you’re the victim of negligence, you’re going to know it quickly and more than likely for a very long time. The victims of negligence are harmed both physically and emotionally, and in severe cases, the damages can last or even end a lifetime. Negligence can take place on the road, in a doctor’s office, or on someone’s private property. In the human world, there are endless ways in which one human being carelessly wrongs another. It’s the job of to see to it that people are aware of their rights in these cases.

Understanding Negligence

According to the legal system, negligence is the act of harming another person through willfully careless actions. When you think of negligence, think of instances where a driver got behind the wheel of a car drunk. While they might not have planned to hurt another human being, there are instances where that same person will take a human life or horrifically injury someone because of their carelessness. A DUI is also a crime. Other cases of negligence don’t enter criminal law, but are still likely to be seen in a civil case. Take for example a careless driver who isn’t paying attention to the road and as a result rams another car coming through an intersection. If injury is caused, this may be a case of negligence.

Examples of negligence can help clear up the definition. Medical malpractice cases consume a large portion of negligence cases. Another prime example of negligence is car accident cases where the driver was distracted, fatigued, or just plain not paying attention to other lives on the road.

The fact is that every citizen has a responsibility to behave in a way that is respectful of the physical well-being of others. When someone mops a floor at work and fails to put down a “wet floor” sign, and a customer slips and falls, then the person who mopped the floor failed to be respectful of the safety of others in that situation. It’s up to a lawyer to investigate the circumstances behind this common type of negligence case and determine the financial compensation that is due to the person who was injured.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys deal with negligence cases on a daily basis. It’s their job to sort through the facts, interview witnesses, calculate financial losses through lost wages and pain and suffering, and then go to court to fight for the rights of the person who was the victim of a negligent organization or individual. The attorneys who carry out this work are an important part of keeping our society a safe and comfortable place to be. When negligent parties aren’t held accountable for their actions, they often go on to repeat those actions. Personal injury attorneys step in and intervene on behalf of the victim and see to it that negligent people realize the damage they’ve caused.


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