Court Mandated Courses You Can Take Online

At some point, you might find yourself in a bit of hot water with the law. Whether you’ve committed a traffic offense or have gotten arrested for a DUI, the judge will likely order you to take some classes. The courts do this to make sure you understand what you did wrong and don’t do it again. Thankfully, in most areas, you can take your classes online. Here are some of the court-ordered classes that you can take online.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

If you get arrested for a DUI or a drug offense, then you’ll likely find yourself needing to take an online drug and alcohol course. The course will show the dangers of drugs and alcohol and explain how they can hurt more than just you, the user. It will also talk about how substances work in the body and how much damage they can do to you. Additionally, the course will cover further treatments that might be required to help those with an addiction. You should plan to devote about 10 hours to the class.

Anger Management

When you get in trouble for getting into a bar fight or destructing someone else’s property, you’ll probably be ordered to take anger management courses. The classes will help you better understand why you’re so angry and how your anger affects those around you. You’ll also be taught coping skills to deal with that anger when it happens again. The classes can take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours to get through.

Theft Awareness

If you get caught stealing, you’ll most likely end up taking a theft awareness class. The class is designed to help people clearly understand what constitutes theft and the impact that it can have on society as a whole and individual people. It will also help you better understand why you steal and the unhealthy thinking that could make you want to steal. You’ll then go over ways to cope with the feelings and how to start changing. Classes typically take about 16 hours to finish.

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