Criminal Defense Attorneys – What to Do If You Are Arrested?

Criminal Defense Attorneys – What to Do If You Are Arrested?

As you were leaving your house one day, somebody approached you and introduced himself as a policeman. Suddenly, more policemen appeared and announced that you are under arrest. While the policeman was advising you about your rights, you were made to lie face down on the ground, immediately handcuffed and brought to the police station to be interviewed.

The above described circumstance is a common occurrence whenever an arresting party takes a person into custody. It can be described as quite a humiliating experience especially when the policemen asks you to lie face down on the ground and tie you like a criminal. Although the arresting party was just doing their job and following procedures, it cannot be denied that even after your arrest, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Since some crimes and their applicable laws vary from State to State, it is strongly advised that you get a good criminal attorney or law firm to advise you.

A good defense lawyer will definitely ask you questions regarding the charge and the circumstances that happened during the arrest. You must try to mentally memorize what was done to you by the arresting officers and narrate this to your defense attorney. This is very important because under the law, the arresting officers are required to follow certain procedures and not use any excessive force other than what is necessary to arrest you.

Sometimes, a member of an arresting team may get too enthusiastic about the arrest and use excessive force on your person. You must remember not to resist during the arrest because if you do, this might be a reason for them to apply any necessary force to implement the arrest. Your attorney will try to evaluate if the arrest made is done according to procedure because if it is not, you could use it in your favor.

You must bear in mind that although a substantial complaint against you was made, the complainant must still prove in court that you are guilty of the charge, and until that particular time, you are still considered innocent of the crime. During the interview after the arrest, nobody can force you to say things which might lead to an admission of guilt. In fact, any interview or interrogation done upon you without the presence of your lawyer is illegal. An experienced criminal lawyer beside you during the interview is necessary as he can advise you whether you can answer or not the questions posed by the interrogators.

Getting the services of a good criminal attorney can help you prove your innocence and, in some cases, assist you in posting bail to gain temporary liberty. He can advise you on which course of action to take and can collate evidence which would be necessary to prove your innocence in court. In a worst case scenario, an experienced criminal lawyer can also negotiate with the prosecutor for the charges against you to be reduced.

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