Different Types of Lawyers

If you’re interested in becoming a lawyer, then at some point you’ll have to decide what type of law you want to practice. Do you want to be in a courtroom every day? Or would you rather be drawing up contracts in an office? The type of law you pursue will dictate not only the kind of work you do but also in what environment you typically spend your time.

Helping People

There are plenty of types of law that allow you to help people in various situations. A workers comp attorney and personal injury lawyer both work to get people the compensation they deserve for being hurt in some type of accident. These are great careers for people who want to “look out for the little guy” and don’t mind going to court if necessary. Typically, however, these types of conflicts are settled outside of a courtroom.

If you want to help people get ahead in business, then you could become an intellectual property lawyer. These professionals help inventors and creators to patent their work so they can reap all the benefits when it’s monetized. These lawyers can work for a large firm or start their own practice.

Helping Companies

For people who’d rather work with corporations than individual clients, becoming a corporate lawyer is likely a good fit. In this type of position, you would represent the interests of the company and protect it from different types of damages. This type of lawyer rarely ends up in a courtroom but will be responsible for drawing up lots of contracts and legal documents.

An employment lawyer is another position that can work with companies to mitigate issues with employees and potential lawsuits. This is kind of like an HR lawyer and a good route for people who want to work for companies and help people.

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