Driving is Fraught With Danger

Driving is Fraught With Danger

Driving is not only a privilege, but can be a huge responsibility. From car accidents to other situations such as traffic offenses, driving can also be quite costly. This is especially true for those that may be charged with one or any of the violations that drivers can be cited with. Not only may these drivers face the suspension of their license, but may often have to pay heavy fines or serve jail time.

This doesn’t even include the increased rates of automobile insurance that will come after an accident. Then there is the humiliation the individual may be subjected to. Having someone there to guide the individual through the legal process and protect rights is crucial. This is where a friendly criminal attorney or DUI lawyer may be able to help.

Some driving offenses may seem quite minor to those involved. However, they may not fully understand the stiff penalties that may be handed down for some of these charges. While a speeding ticket may only consist of a fine for some drivers, those driving more than 30 mph over the speed limit or speeding within particular zones may have a lot more to lose. Reckless driving may often accompany these charges, adding to the seriousness and extent of possible punishment if found guilty.

Many drivers falsely assume that if this is their first offense that the law might take it easy on them. They may feel that accepting a plea bargain is in their best interest. However, this isn’t recommended without first consulting a criminal attorney first. In some cases, charges can be dismissed or reduced for the driver without signing a plea agreement.

A DUI charge can become even more confusing and potentially damaging to the driver. The state of Illinois can impose up to one year of jail time and up to $2500 in fines, if this is the drivers first conviction. The state also mandates that the defendant lose their driving privileges for a minimum of one year. For many, this can directly result in job loss and other financial hardships to say the least.

Those facing a second or third conviction can almost count on larger fines and a longer imposed jail time. If special circumstances apply, such as an accident or transporting a minor, things can get much worse. These situations may be able to be prevented by consulting with a DUI lawyer. Your criminal attorney may be able to be of assistance for a variety of these scenarios and more.

Driving on a suspended or revoked license, reckless driving, speeding, accidents, and improper passing are just a few of the things the attorney may be able to handle. A DUI lawyer can also handle many diverse cases, including second and third DUI offenses. Initial consultations are absolutely free and counsel can advise the individual regarding their unique situation. Driving is a privilege that your criminal attorney may be able to help protect.

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