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When we talk about a family attorney or lawyer, instantly divorce flashes in front of most of us. In reality, there are many more mandates than the only divorce in family law. Do you remember Ross’s lawyer of the sitcom Friends saying how no other client has ever brought so much business to him like Ross? Well, we can safely assume that he was going by as only a Divorce Attorney. In fact, many lawyers nowadays opt for a more specialized field of family law like Divorce or Estate Planning.

This way, they can focus on one field, have fewer things to keep on their mind, have a greater rate of success and customer satisfaction. However, if you want lawyers for issues other than divorce or estate planning in Dallas, contact with Dallas Family Law Attorneys. Attorneys who boast experience in all kinds of family law issues.

What Family Law and Family Attorneys Covers

All the lawyers actually have to pass the same bar exam. There is no separate certification or exams for a particular sector, like family law. So, by family lawyers, we mean the certified lawyers who have actually opted to practice only cases regarding social or family legal issues. The Family Attorneys or a family law firm typically focuses on the following 6 issues.


What else! The way the number of divorces is on the rise, lawyers are more and more choosing to focus only on divorces and make a name in that field. Bringing out the best settlement for their client while making sure the ex-spouse does not take advantage is divorce attorneys’ bread and butter. Nevertheless, divorce is part of family laws.

Estate Planning and Wills

What to do with all the assets you have acquired through your life? Do you want those to remain as is, or liquified? How should they be divided among your children and wife, or do you wish to give it all away to charities? A family lawyer will help you with all these plans and your wills. They will also work to execute them and work on retainer fees or commissions.

Child Custody Arrangements

Just like divorce, the child custody battle is another issue on the rise. Family Law Attorneys fight to get their clients the type of time or custody over their children that they desire. They also work to make sure their client gets a fair share of the child support agreement.

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

Is the court handing over the right of guardianship of your children to a social worker or a stranger? Family Law Attorneys will provide the best help over winning it back. They also make all the arrangements if one wants a power of attorney or become a legal guardian of their old, incompetent parents.

Drawing a Prenup

Now, a lot of couples sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married. This agreement is in place to make sure that no conflict regarding the division of assets, custody, child support arises if they get a divorce.


Adopting a child is not as simple as it may sound in the states. You will have to go through a lot of proceedings, and also be eligible to adopt a kid. A family lawyer will handle all of it along the way.

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