Fight Deportation With An Immigration Lawyer

Fight Deportation With An Immigration Lawyer

The threat of deportation can be terrifying for anyone. You’ve invested years into building a new life in America and you don’t want to lose your work and your family. What many don’t know is that there are legal options to fight deportation. In fact, a good immigration attorney can often help you cancel your deportation.

Your deportation can be canceled on several different grounds. If you’ve been a legal resident the United States for at least 5 years you qualify for cancellation. If you’ve been living legally in the U.S. for 7 continuous years you qualify. If you have not committed a felony then you qualify.

In addition to the legal requirements for cancellation of deportation there are other factors that can help your case. These are more sentimental items like close family ties in the United States, multiple children in the U.S., military service, community service, business ownership, and employment history. The judge may sympathize with a defendant that appears to serve his community well.

Likewise, there are factors that can hurt the case tremendously like a criminal history, evidence of bad moral character, and previous violations of immigration law. The prosecution will try to attack your personal character. A good immigration lawyer will gather witnesses to testify that you’re a law-abiding resident and an asset to the community.

If you don’t fit into one of those categories there are still options to explore with your personal injury attorney or deportation lawyer. A lawyer may be able to get a new green card for you. They also may be able to stall the deportation process by several months while you gather more evidence for your case.

Most deportation cases can be fought unless the individual has committed a serious crime in the United States. If you have committed a felony, there isn’t much a personal injury lawyer or immigration attorney can do for you. Your best chance at winning the case is demonstrating that you are correcting your behavior and would love another chance.

If you believe that your green card is being delayed and you may not receive it before deportation then you should file a formal complaint with the United States Citizen Immigration Services, or USCIS for short. A deportation lawyer can help you file the complaint and make sure it gets heard by the agency. Green cards are often delayed because of inefficient government agencies. Lawyers can help you cut through the red tape and speed up the green card process.

It’s also worth noting that immigration cases are usually not treated as criminal trials. This means that the government will not appoint a public defender if the defense cannot afford one. The most important thing to remember is that without an immigration attorney to help you, your chances of staying in the United States are very slim indeed.

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