Finding a Criminal Attorney for Your Child

Finding a Criminal Attorney for Your Child

No matter how old your child is, hiring a criminal attorney is essential to ensuring their rights are protected when they’re facing charges. It does not matter whether that child is under 18 or over 30; finding your family in this situation is difficult. Before things get carried away, be sure to find the right lawyer to handle the case. The outcome of the case often depends on the knowledge and skill of your legal representative.

Juvenile Courts

If you are facing delinquency issues, you need a criminal attorney that knows his or her way around the juvenile court system. A child that is under the age of 18 often proceeds to juvenile court instead of being tried as an adult. Minors are typically treated differently when charged with the same crime as an adult.

Your legal representative needs to understand all of the factors considered in a juvenile case. The age of responsibility is considered and each defendant is given due process under the law. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to avoid formal charges. A criminal attorney should look into all of the options and consider the best line of defense for the child as well as the circumstances.

Traditional Courts

In other situations, a child is processed through the regular court systems. This is often determined by the severity of the case as well as the age of the accused. Because this is a unique situation, a criminal attorney must be able to navigate the system with an underage defendant. This is not easy and there are a variety of different changes and exceptions that can take place along the way.

As a parent, finding a legal representative as soon as possible should be your priority. At the beginning of the situation when charges are filed, it will be determined which of the court systems your child will proceed through. You want to have a criminal attorney by your side as you head into the courtroom for the very first time. Your child should not speak to anyone until you have set up legal counsel.

It is never easy to see your child facing a difficult situation. You want to help in any way possible but as a parent, there is not a lot that you can do aside from choosing the right legal representation. While you can be by your child’s side for guidance it will be up to the lawyer to explain the charges, the events that are taking place and the outcome of the case.

While you are the parent, you are not equipped to work with the legal system on your own. Turn over some of the authority to someone that specializes in issues with underage individuals. Whether you go through the juvenile court systems or the traditional courts, you need to be led in the right direction.

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