Finding a Trustworthy Los Angeles Lawyer

Finding a Trustworthy Los Angeles Lawyer

If you are looking for a Los Angeles defense attorney, particularly a criminal defense attorney, it can be overwhelming with the amount of advertising online. Just searching on your favorite search engine, will return somewhere in the region of half a million links in the LA County area. However, the best place to check for a reputable organization is the official Los Angeles County Bar Association’s lawyer referral service, (LRIS).

The LA Bar Association is a member of the American Bar Association and can be considered a highly trustworthy source for a referral. You can visit them online at where you will find plenty of resources available for your use.

When you go to the home page, you will notice a form in which you can specify the type of lawyer you are looking for, such as a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer or malpractice lawyer. You can then select the specific LA area you wish your lawyer to be located in, which is handy so you don’t have to travel very far in the event of a last-minute meeting.

This will then take to a more in depth form, where you will be required to fill in personal details such as; your name, address and contact details. Once you have confirmed these, you will be referred to a suitable lawyer in your area. You will be given all necessary contact details, whilst they also give you directions from your address to the Los Angeles Attorney’s office.

The Los Angeles defense attorney you are referred to will be informed by the LRIS so that they can expect to be contacted by you. If after consulting with the lawyer, you are not comfortable, you can simply contact the LRIS, who will give you further referrals, until you find one suited to you and your needs.

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