Four Steps To Appealing a Workers Compensation Denial

If your workers compensation claim was denied, there’s still a chance that you can be reimbursed for the treatment of your injuries. This will require some hard work and persistence, but you may win your claim if you appeal.

One: Don’t Wait

You need to act quickly to have the denial of your workers’ comp benefits overturned. Your first step should be to contact a lawyer with experience handling similar cases of denied workers compensation portland or. Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to take action, so get representation as soon as possible.

Two: Read the Denial Letter

The denial letter you received should have a lot of valuable information that can help you with your claim. Look for instructions on how to appeal and for the time frame within which you must act. In most cases, you only have one to three months, so act quickly. Next, get a complaint form from the U.S. Department of Labor. This should ultimately come from your workers’ compensation administrative office.

Three: Calmly Talk to the Insurance Company

You may naturally feel angry and upset when your claim is denied. However, the denial may have been the result of clerical errors or technical malfunctions. If this is the case, a polite conversation may be all that it takes to turn the situation around.

Four: File An Appeal

If you weren’t able to resolve things with the insurance company, take your documentation and information to your legal representation. An experienced lawyer can help you provide the required proof to show you were injured on the job. Your lawyer can help you work through mediation and/or an administrative hearing.

Get Ready for a Struggle

Even if your case is denied after this appeal, you can continue to fight your case through additional appeals. Remember that this process can take weeks, months, or years to conclude. However, as you keep track of all paperwork, photographs, evidence, phone calls, conversations, and other pertinent details, you may find that it’s possible to get more money than you originally asked for. Work closely with a lawyer to determine your possible outcome.

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