How To Help Your Children Through a Divorce

The divorce process is hard for everyone, but children especially may feel sidelined in the midst of the proceedings. This is a truly tragic circumstance, as the impact on children can be particularly pernicious. Here are ways to help them through this tough time.

Pay Your Child Support

Whether or not you can be there for your children physically, you should be there financially. Child support payments are meant to ensure your ex can provide the kids with everything they need to grow up in security and comfort. Once started, it’s important that such payments stay stable. If you and your former spouse can’t agree on a reasonable amount, you can work with someone skilled in child support law Anthem AZ to set a sum which you can pay on a regular basis.

Mind Their Mental Health

Stress can manifest in myriad ways, so it’s critical to keep an eye on your kids for signs of abnormal behavior or illnesses. Stress makes some children more aggressive with their peers, while others turn timid and become prone to tears. Unresolved stress sews seeds of anxiety and depression which blossom later in life, making it hard to form healthy relationships. Additionally, stress may present as physical symptoms such as stomachaches and headaches. In case of concerns, look into local divorce support groups for children.

Show Your Spouse Civility

During a divorce, it’s best to keep things cordial on principle, but especially for your children’s sake. Actively avoiding hostility minimizes the traumatic presence of conflict in the home and gives kids a role model for working through relationships. It’s also essential that neither parent does anything to estrange children from the other, such as putting one’s ex-partner down in front of the child or undermining parental access (assuming both are fit parents.)

Remember, children deal with divorce differently, but no less strongly than their parents. Left unchecked, the negative effects of a separation can last into adulthood. Give them your love and support in all possible ways during these difficult days.

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