Most Common Types of Litigation

While there are many terms, phrases and procedures in the legal industry that are hard to understand, having a base knowledge of how it all works can be incredibly helpful if you ever get into a scenario where you need to seek legal help. For one, it’s important to know what some of the most common areas of litigation are, whether you need personal injury litigation or franchise litigation. Read on to find out some of the most common types of litigation that exist.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers any legal disputes between parties or individuals that have to do with monetary settlements and not criminal acts. Typically, trial lawyers who specialize in civil disputes are those that practice in this area. Civil litigation is fairly broad, covering things like medical malpractice, disputes over real estate, some personal injury cases, arguments over intellectual property, tenant/landlord disputes over rent, and much more.

Business Litigation

Whenever there is a dispute where a business is involved, it’s considered business litigation. It doesn’t matter the size of the business or what department, or who within the business is involved. Typically most business litigation is centered around disputes involving shareholders, owners of businesses, partners, other competing businesses, vendors and lenders. Some of the disputes may revolve around things like copyright infringement, breach of contract, defamation, unfair competition and more.

Personal Injury Litigation

Another very common form of litigation is that of personal injury litigation. This encompasses those that go to civil court in order to fix any losses that happened because of an accident. Most of the time, the injured parties are seeking monetary compensation from another party, whether it was intentional or not. Some of the most common forms of personal injury litigation are based on car accidents as well as accidents that may have happened while in the workplace.

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