Rebuilding Your Life after Ending Your Marriage

The decision to end your marriage typically never comes lightly. You realize everything that is at stake and what you could lose or gain after your divorce is granted.

Because of the legalities involved with divorce, you may not want to file the case or go to court alone. With a skilled law firm, court mediator, or divorce lawyer Hernando County FL petitioners like you may get the results you need and want to move on with your life.

Spousal Support

If you have sacrificed your career in the name of your marriage and family, you may not have the job skills needed to find work right away. It may take you some time to get established again in the workplace.

You still need some type of income to support yourself with, however. Your attorney may be able to ask the court to grant you spousal support. The amount you get paid from the former spouse will depend on how much he or she makes. It also will depend on the length of your marriage.

The support will help you pay bills and meet expenses until you can find a job. You may still be entitled to all or some of it even after you find a job and start earning an income.

Child Custody and Support

More important than spousal support, you may be more worried about getting custody of and support for your children. You need a lawyer who can argue that you are the best custodial parent and entitled to child support with which to raise them.

Making your case can be more difficult if you were just to represent yourself. The judge may not understand your argument or give it the due credence it deserves. Your attorney can be your advocate in situations where you may not have a lot of hope.

Your lawyer will also know how to apply the law to your case to make sure you are taken care of and protected throughout and after the proceedings. With professional legal counsel, you may get the outcome you need to move on with your life.

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