Setting A Schedule

When you and the other parent are unable to get along and are not living in the same home, you need to think about how the child custody arrangement will be resolved. If the other parent does not want any kind of visitation, then this can be discussed with the attorney. However, when both parents want to be involved in the child’s life, there are child custody lawyers in Vancouver WA who can assist with developing a schedule that is in the best interest of the child.

Regardless of when the custody and visitation order is put in place, you need to stick to that schedule to show the judge that you can both work out your differences and make decisions that are best for the child. Keep logs for all visits that you have and that the other parent has as this can be used as leverage when you go to court to obtain child support. Even though you’re not in a relationship with the other parent, you should still function as a family for the child. This means attending sporting events that your child has, graduations, school conferences, and other activities where both parents should attend. Be flexible with your schedule if your child wants to do something with friends for a day.

When a sitter is needed for the child, volunteer your time instead of letting the other parent pay someone else or find another person who is a family member or friend. It will mean more time spent with your child. If you’re dating someone else during the divorce or during the custody proceedings, don’t schedule a date night when you’re supposed to have your child. This can make it seem like you are putting someone else before your child and that you would rather have a social life instead of being a responsible parent.

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