The Classification of Crimes You Can Be Charged With

The Classification of Crimes You Can Be Charged With

There are wide number of crimes which are committed by everyday people. Some are more serious than others. Crimes, such as murder or kidnapping, are considered worse by society; while others like trespassing are thought to be less severe. However, all crimes are an abuse of the law, and there are a range of punishments which can be imposed on a criminal based on the type of crime.

The seriousness of a crime is based on the extent of punishment given for committing it. The penalty is typically based on what was done and its effect on society. States differ as to the classification of a particular crime and its punishment.

Felony Crimes

Felonies are more serious crimes. The majority of states and the federal government consider a crime punishable by more than one year in prison as a felony. Some states label any crime punishable by any length of time in prison as a felony. A Seattle criminal defense lawyer can help you determine what type of crime you are charged with.

There are many different crimes considered to be felonies in most states. Some of these include:

o Murder

o Kidnapping

o Arson

o Robbery

Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanors are much less serious crimes. State and federal government law classify these offenses as crimes punishable by less than one year in prison. Some brand any crime punishable only by fine or a small length of time in jail as a misdemeanor.

There is a wide assortment of crimes considered to be misdemeanors in the majority of states. Some of the more common misdemeanors include:

o Public intoxication

o Trespassing

o Vandalism

If you have been charged with a crime, you’ll want to contact a Seattle defense attorney immediately. It is important to have a lawyer with expertise in criminal defense since it is such a highly specialized area of the law.

Most criminal cases are resolved through plea agreements with the district attorney’s office. Retain a Seattle criminal defense lawyer who has a solid working relationship with the prosecuting attorney. Also it is important to take on a lawyer who appears frequently in the jurisdiction in which your case is being tried.

Speak with a Seattle criminal lawyer with years of experience in criminal law, and especially in the type of prosecution you are facing, such as traffic offenses, drug crimes, DUI offenses or white collar crimes.

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