The Qualities of a Good Employment Law Paralegal

Getting into the field of employment law requires the right skills and qualities. It takes organizational skills, strong knowledge of the judicial system, and a good understanding of people and how they respond.

Organizational Skills

Organizing and managing a law office is one of the essential skills an employment law paralegal can possess. Paralegals organize and manage all legal documentation, calendars, and deadlines. Their organizational skills directly impact the productivity of attorneys. Paralegals prepare documents and presentations for trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings. They must understand the logic of opposing parties and case law. They are also responsible for liaising with clients, legal professionals, and other parties in the court system. They often use computers for legal research and litigation support. Paralegals must be able to quickly access, analyze, and organize large amounts of information. They may handle court dates and appointments, manage case files, or prepare travel arrangements. They must also be able to answer emails from clients.

Strong Understanding Of The Judicial System

Using a paralegal to perform some legal duties frees your time to focus on more pressing matters. A paralegal is a subject matter expert and can provide invaluable input on matters ranging from contract disputes to insurance claims. Often, the paralegal may perform several tasks simultaneously, such as drafting pleadings and correspondence. Typically, an attorney will assign one or more paralegals to assist them.

A good paralegal is also responsible for the small stuff, like retrieving documents and coordinating with clients and witnesses. A good paralegal is the lifeblood of any law firm, so they need to be able to multitask and perform well under pressure. An employment law paralegal should be able to handle the task at hand. Good communication skills are important as they will work with clients, lawyers, and other professionals daily. A good paralegal is adept at reading, writing, and translating documents. A good paralegal can also be expected to have excellent organizational skills.

People Skills

Strong people skills are essential to a paralegal’s career. Good people skills include professionalism, respect for deadlines, and doing your best work. These skills can also help paralegals win repeat business and awards.

These skills also include being a good communicator and having good organizational skills. As a result, they must continuously prioritize various deadlines across files. Paralegals also need to learn how to use various file management programs. They need to be familiar with traditional office software, such as Microsoft Word, and more modern software.

Many paralegals are required to purchase and maintain technology within their legal departments. These technology skills are increasingly important in today’s legal market. Having these skills will give paralegals an edge over their competition. Increasingly, paralegals are tasked with taking on the duties of junior associates. The skills required are also increasingly complex. For example, a real estate paralegal might be asked to perform title research on a significant commercial closing transaction. 

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