Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Injured At Work

Portland, Oregon is a great place to settle down and live your life. Every day at work is a new opportunity to shine while you complete your daily tasks. Unfortunately, accidents happen, so every day there is also the possibility that you could be injured. If the unthinkable does indeed happen, then your future workability can be affected by varying degrees. No matter how much you love the company that you work for, in these situations you have to put your needs first. There are a number of things that you should do to protect your interests and aid in your recovery.

Make Sure That Your Supervisor Files An Accident Report

An accident report is the first step to getting you the medical aid that you may need to recovery as well as any monetary compensation for missed time at work. If your supervisor refuses to fill out an accident report then write out a detailed letter about the specifics of the accident and leave it with them. Document time and a day that you left it with them. If an accident report is prepared by your supervisor request a copy and keep it in a safe place.

Document All Communication and Contact You Have With Anyone

Throughout the after accident process to receive medical benefits and monetary compensation, you may be required to talk with a number of people about a variety of things. It is important to keep a record of who you talked to and about what.

Follow All Medical Directions

Following the medical directions of the assigned doctor post-accident is something that you must do. Failure to do so gives your employer the chance to propose that you willingly refused the necessary care so that you could avoid coming back to work. If there is any conflict about if the right steps have been followed, then you may need to seek out a Portland workers compensation attorney.

If you are ever injured at work, then the key thing to always remember is that your needs come first above and before that of the company for which you work.

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