Things to Know When Calling a Bail Bondsman

Since you have found out that someone who is close to you has been arrested, it has probably been your top priority to do what you can to get him or her out of jail. You may want to call a bail bondsman right away, but you’re going to need to have certain information when calling. Then, you can help ensure that you provide the bail bondsman with all of the information that he or she needs to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

The Person’s Full Name

Knowing just a first name or a nickname is not enough. Make sure that you have your friend or family member’s full name when calling so that the bail bondsman can look him or her up.

The Location Where the Person is Being Detained

Knowing the location where the person is being detained is also important, particularly if your city has multiple jails or precincts.

The Charges the Person is Facing

When you call someone for help with 24 hour bail bonds Denver CO, they are probably going to want to know all of the charges that your loved one is facing.

The Person’s Personal Information

Along with providing your loved one’s name, you will also need to know basic things like his or her address, telephone number, place of employment and other key information.

Your Method of Payment

Once the bail bondsman tells you the amount that you will have to pay as a bond fee, he or she may want to know about how you’re going to make the payment. For example, you may need to let him or her know if you’re going to be paying with cash or a credit or debit card.

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Make sure that you know the things that are listed above when you’re calling for help with bailing your loved one out of jail. If you already have this information when you call the bondsman, then you can help avoid any delays.