Ways That You Can Add Light and Life to Your Living Room

Your living room should serve as one of the rooms in the house that offers comfort and relaxation. As the space where you entertain guests, watch a show or just kick back and put your feet up, you will want a setup that supports those activities. If it is feeling more dingy and uninviting than light and lively, here are a few ways that you can introduce life back into your living room.

Window Treatments

You may be surprised at the difference window treatments can have on the overall feel of a room. If your room is already feeling cramped or dark, you won’t want to add heavy treatments to the room. Instead, opt for solar shades Boston and light and airy treatments to help you give a fresh, open feeling.

Cozy Lighting

As you consider your lighting, be mindful of what types you introduce into the room. While you will want to illuminate the room, avoid unnecessarily harsh lighting or too little light. Consider a light that offers a warm glow and cozy ambiance to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Color Palette

Your color palette also has a sizable influence on your room’s atmosphere. While you can opt for bold and darker hues, keep in mind that this can often make a room look colder, smaller and less inviting. You want a balance of vibrant colors with an airy ambiance.


One easy change that you can make to your living room that will immediately bring life and light into the room is adding plants. Whether you elevate plants with hanging planters, add tableside potted plants or introduce tall plants to the room, you can transform a room with a few plants. Not only is this great for your look and feel, but it also provides fresher air and a homier experience.

Your living room has endless possibilities. Transform it into something stunning, bright and beautiful with one or a few of these changes. You may be shocked at the difference these small changes can make in introducing light and life to the room.

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