Welfare Fraud

Welfare Fraud

Welfare most prominently entered into American political consciousness in the early 20th century, slowly growing and being reformed through the remainder the century. In its modern state, the federal government, along with state-specific programs, offers a wide variety of opportunities for Americans who need some financial assistance. These needs can range from basic costs of living to pharmaceutical problems, making welfare fraud particularly vicious.

Taxpayer money in welfare programs comes from numerous sources, meaning that welfare fraud directly affects the American people. Even funds that are raised by the government from other sources begin with taxpayer sources of income. Whether it is from income tax, sales tax, or whatever sort of tax the government levies against the people, living in America comes with an appropriate cost.

However, some Americans have simply abused the system. Instead of applying for work, smartly saving their hard-earned money, and making an overall better life through honest means, some Americans would rather just cheat the government. These individuals will apply for welfare programs, lie about their circumstances, and receive payment from the government until they are caught. Considering how widespread and person this problem is, it is extremely difficult to police effectively.

In some cases, a person may find others confused about their financial state and believe that they are abusing the welfare system. However, it takes a decent amount of financial information to know clearly whether a person should be on welfare or not. Without this sort of knowledge, a well-meaning whistleblower could actually be threatening a similarly well-meaning citizen instead of an actual criminal.

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